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About Waxing

Waxing is the procedure of removing hair from the root using a sticky substance such as Wax to adhere to body hair, then removing this coating and pulling the hair out of the follicle.

How long does it take to Wax?

3 to 6 weeks – Waxing should take between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on your personal hair growth, your Wax’s location, and the application’s accuracy. If you’re not sure resin suits you, many other hair removal methods last from days to weeks or even longer.

Is Wax Good for the Skin?

Waxing Cons – Waxing can cause inflamed hair follicles, pain, redness, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. In addition, removing facial hair on women when using retinoid anti-ageing or acne products can cause abrasions, infection, and scarring, so be sure to do your homework before trying Wax.

Does Waxing Hurt a Lot?

MYTH: Waxing will hurt so bad

Since Waxing includes pulling the hair out from the root, it will hurt more than shaving it openly. But is the pain from waxing unbearable? The truth is, everyone’s pain threshold is different, so what may be too much for some is barely noticeable for others.

Most people also report that the pain from Waxing decreases significantly with each session, and it’s also worth noting that our pain thresholds can vary due to different factors. We can be more sensitive to pain when tired or sick, and women often feel it. If you plan your Waxing at a good time a few days before your period and choose a professional, there is no reason to give up waxing the needle.

Another method to make your waxing experience less painful is to Wax regularly. Doing frequent sessions every four weeks will give you noticeably smoother results and be less painful. Why do we recommend regularity? Because there are three different hair growth stages, each stage grows at the same speed. Think about it, if our hair had only one growth phase, then all the hair would grow together, fall out together and grow back again after a month. Remember, what happens on your body happens on your face. Think about your eyebrows!

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