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What are Sunken Eyes?

skuan eyesSunken eyes write for us:- The delicate skin under the eyes can occasionally appear dark, hollow, and hollow. Although sunken eyes are usually the result of aging, dehydration, or lack of sleep, they can also symbolize a medical condition. Read on to know the causes of sunken eyes, treatment methods, and how to get rid of open eyes with simple home remedies.

What are the symptoms of sunken eyes?

Sunken eyes are the first thing you notice in the mirror. While the exact appearance can vary from person to person, open eyes are often described in the following ways:

  • A hole under your eyes
  • A dark shadow on your lower lid
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Thinner-looking skin under the eyes
  • A general tired or tired look on the face

Sunken eyes also go by additional names, including “cracked holes” or “holes under the eyes.” Since dark circles are usually a result of aging, most people start to notice dark circles around their late 30s and early 40s.


As we age, we misplace overweight and bone density around our body, including our face. There is a lack of support structures that hold everything together. Skin loses collagen and becomes thin and translucent. Part of the procedure is to cup the face around the eyes.

Dramatic Weight Loss

When you lose a lot of weight, fat loss occurs in all areas of your body, including your face. A dramatic loss of facial fat can make the blood vessels around the eyes more visible and visible.


The absence of proper hydration can lead to sunken eyes, especially. Children are especially susceptible to dehydration caused by viruses and bacteria in the stomach. See a doctor if your child’s eyes are watery with diarrhea and vomiting. This could be a sign of simple dehydration. Extreme thirst, low urine output, and dry mouth are other signs of dehydration. Severe dehydration can cause lethargy or reduced responsiveness.

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