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beautyBeauty write for us: Defining beauty is not that easy. Because beauty is an intellectual concept that can encompass many things. Something is called beautiful when associated with attractiveness, charisma and charisma. And these are the terms that make it clear to us that true beauty comes from within. Because it is the subjective impression that we leave on others and that is perceived as beautiful. And beautiful is someone who also radiates beauty from within: someone who is satisfied with themselves is considered attractive.

What makes women attractive?

Tall, slim, curvy, long and blond hair, round eyes, a small nose, full lips, white teeth – these are all beautiful features that make a woman look attractive.

The idea of beauty changes over time, as do fashion trends and hairstyles. But the picture of the woman has changed again and again over the years. Sometimes slim women were considered the ideal, and sometimes it was the curvy women who were considered the ideal of beauty.

In the 1950s and 1960s, women were considered particularly beautiful if they exuded a lot of femininity – and they were allowed to have a few luscious curves.

A look beyond the horizon – beauty ideals of other cultures

Because ideas of beauty are constantly changing, there is no such thing as THE ideal of beauty. But what about other countries? As society and culture always play an essential role in perceiving beauty, let’s take a quick look at the big picture.


In France, the idea of beauty is characterized by its naturalness. Because the motto of the French is: Less is more! The so-called Parisian chic is characterized by as little make-up as possible.


In Russia, it is different. The opposite applies here: more is more because Russian women want to attract attention with their appearance and prefer to put on make-up again.


The focus is on hips and buttocks in Brazil because they are regarded as the Brazilian ideal of beauty. In addition, Brazil is one of the countries where more cosmetic surgeries are performed.


A particular idea of beauty has long existed in Asia: light-skinned women.

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