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eyebrow slitEyebrow slit:- Have you ever speculated about the origins of exciting new makeup trends? Nature inspires them often; When Insta-beauty fans started using eyeshadow palettes to create watermelons on their lids, we weren’t surprised. Long-standing beauty practices also greatly influence makeup, which is slightly updated to suit modern times. You have to admit, A smoky eye should come from the kajal-stained eyes that most desi girls sport every morning. We’re not sure, but we hope so.

Makeup trends also come from pop culture moments, and one tough look that’s escaped the makeup cracks his brow furrows. Here’s all you need to distinguish about this unusual trend.

Brow splits are thin vertical cuts along the brow hair. This style was very popular in the 90s, especially among hip hop artists. They have been brought back by modern beauty bloggers who are not afraid to try even weird makeup trends. If you have a stable hand and a brave heart, you can have them done by a professional, your didi salon or even yourself.

From Where Does This Trend Emerge?

The concept of an aperture in the eyebrow is very vague in its appearance. A split or cut in the eyebrow hair occurs naturally when a person is involved in a fight, and the area is cut. They are the remnants of an injury, usually in old gangster movies where actors had to replicate part of their eyebrows. More recently, actors like Jason Momoa of GOT fame have been given a new life, even if Jason was cut from an actual bar fight. Almost like turning a scar into a beauty feature! He seems attracted to us.

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