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hair toner write for usWhat is a hair toner?

A hair lotion is a product that helps you correct or adjust your color. It is used to add usual or more visible tones after a professional color treatment. As a result, it recovers the tone of your hair. By creating a professional finish look. In order for the toner to work, the hair must first be pre-lightened or colored. It is most commonly used for blonde hair tones, but can also be beneficial for brunettes and redheads.

A professional salon toner is more pigmented than a silver shampoo or purple shampoo used at home. However, these products are excellent products for maintaining a light or cool color between salon appointments.

What does pre-lightening mean?

A technical term for bleach is pre-lightener. This refers to how lightening is a method used to lighten hair. When bleached, natural or colored hair is brought to the desired lightness. Depending on your natural hair color and your history with previous colors and chemical treatments, the luminosity that can be achieved will vary. This process can leave a creamy, sunny or pale white result.

To achieve clean blonde results, it’s important to lift your hair to a very pale yellow undercoat. The toners help neutralize the unwanted heat released by the pre-whitening service. This gives your hair color a personalized, unique and professional looking surface.

What colour results can you expect from Hair toner?

Here is no single toner. In fact, a toner is a method to make your hair color your own. The toners can be used throughout the hair or on specific areas to create different effects throughout the hair for an even more customized result.

Warmer tones include buttermilk, peach, or vanilla tones. Cooler tones include silver, champagne, and marshmallow. Pastel hair with shades of pink, purple and rose gold can also be achieved. Toners can be used directly after a pre-whitening service or as an add-on to keep your color looking fresh and polished between whitening services.

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