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There is a high demand for insulin pumps, but the UK is lagging behind other European countries in the supply of insulin pumps.

Insulin pumps offer a more significant opportunity to control diabetes. Still, because they are more expensive than injections, eligibility criteria ensure the most suitable candidates have access to insulin pump therapy.

financing options

There are two main options for receiving an insulin pump:

Self-financing: Buy pump and consumables

Funded by the NHS – the NHS pays for the pump for those who meet the eligibility criteria

NHS funding is the most common option for purchasing an insulin pump in the UK.

Get an insulin pump privately

If you’re buying the pump privately, you need to consider the total cost, including consumables, and make sure you have a healthcare team specializing in insulin pumps.

You must agree whether you can be supplied by the NHS or privately before purchasing an insulin pump.

Put yourself in the care of insulin pump specialists

If you wear an insulin pump, you must have the support of a medical team with a thorough understanding of insulin pumps. Consequently, NICE guidelines state that insulin pump therapy should only be initiated by healthcare teams who have a physician specializing in insulin pumps.

It is recommended that healthcare teams caring for people with an insulin pump also have a dietician and a diabetes nurse present. If your clinic or healthcare team does not have sufficient staff, you will need to be transferred to a clinic with adequate staff.

Suitability for an insulin pump: under 12 years of age

NICE guidelines state that children under 12 may be eligible for an insulin pump if multiple daily injections are impractical or inappropriate.

It’s important to note that NICE guidelines also state that children between the ages of 12 and 18 are expected to have evidence of multiple daily injection (MDI) use if they have not previously received MDI.

Suitability for an insulin pump: more than 12 s

Adequacy in adolescents and adults is determined by how many people struggle with multiple daily injections (MDIs) despite concerted efforts to achieve reasonable diabetes control. An insulin pump specialist may consider people who are on carb-counting MDI insulin treatment, who are tested regularly, but who have any of the following problems to be suitable for a pump:

  • Regular episodes of severe hypoglycemia
  • Unpredictable episodes of hypoglycemia resulting in significant and persistent anxiety and distress
  • An HbA1c level greater than 8.5% despite a high level of commitment to achieving diabetes control
  • If you are well controlled with your diabetes and want a pump, you may still be approved for a pump, but priority may be given to other patients.

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