Potato Peels for Greying: What do Studies Say?

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The benefits of potato peels for greying have not been scientifically studied. Still, according to some personal trials, the use of potatoes and their crusts may help dye hair and cover grey.

The potential benefits of potato peels are attributable to greying to contain potatoes on starch, as starch may have the potential to give white hair colour close to standard hair colour or sometimes dark colour.

Potato Peels Recipes For Greying

To use potato peels to hide greying, follow one of the following recipes:

1. First Recipe For Potato Peels For Greying

To apply this recipe, follow these steps:

Peel 1-2 potatoes, then place the crusts in a saucepan on the fire with a small amount of water enough to submerge the crusts.
After the water reaches boiling, drain the water from the crusts.
Wait 10-12 minutes until the temperature of the potato peels water drops.
Then use this water to wash the hair in the last rinse after cleaning the hair with water and shampoo.

2. Second Recipe For Potato Peels For Greying

to take advantage of this recipe, follow the following steps:

Boil the crusts of 2-3 potatoes for 30 minutes.

Then drain the boiling water from the crusts, and set aside until it drops slightly.

Mix a few drops of essential oils you like with potato peel water.

Add a little of your favourite hair moisturizer or hair oil to the mix, and stir well.

Spread the resulting mixture evenly across the scalp and hair.

After several hours, wash your hair from the greyish potato peel mask using lukewarm water.

Other Ways To Treat Or Slow The Pace Of Greying Progress

in addition to the potato peel recipe for greying, here’s a list of other top recipes that may help cover grey hair or slow down its progress and spread:

1. Marigold Plant Leaves

This recipe is one of the great recipes for treating and protecting greying; wash the hair with marigold leaf juice, and then rinse the hair for the last time using moderate-heat water.

2. Henna

you can take advantage of the henna’s ability to dye hair and hide greying by applying the henna paste made from henna leaves and ring seeds to hair and scalp and washing it after a specified time.

3. Indian Fox Grapes (Amla)

mix the fresh pulp with almond oil or coconut oil, massage the scalp and wash after a short period.

4. Sage Herb Water

this recipe can help restore standard hair colour and slow the spread of grey hair in the head.

You can apply this recipe by boiling a handful of sage plant leaves with a bit of water, then washing the hair with the resulting sage water and leaving it on the hair for two hours before washing it as usual with water and shampoo.

Recipes And Other Ways

these methods and prescriptions can also be used to treat or control greying:

Use some herbs and plants, such as curry leaves and black tea.

Take some types of supplements, such as copper and vitamin b12.

Focus on eating foods rich in catalysis various antioxidants that may help resist greying, such as onions, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and kale.

Causes Of Early Greying

here’s a list of the most protruding causes and factors that may increase your chances of getting early greying or changing hair colour in general:

Genes And Genetics.

Stress and health complications include anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders.

A diet is rich in processed foods and sugars.

Low levels of specific vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin b, vitamin d, vitamin j, and biotin.

Other factors, such as smoking and hair care products, are rich in harmful chemicals.

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