Travel abroad like a local with eSIM

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Life Style

What is your travel style like? Everyone will have their favorite travel styles, such as shopping, recreation, historical sites, and activities. If you want to feel the unique culture and atmosphere of the travel destination, you should travel like a local. Traveling like a local is not as easy as you may assume. There are cultural and language barriers and differences such as simply not knowing where nearby cafes are, but this can be solved with just a smartphone. Using a smartphone, you can get almost all the information about local information, translation, and map information. The real problem is how to stay online always.

If you’re with eSIM, you’ll feel like the Internet is everywhere as ‘air’. First, imagine that you arrived at the airport. The first thing you’ve done so far was probably to install a sim card on your smartphone. Or you may have to wait in a long line to receive your sim card. Crossing this barrier makes you feel like you’re a traveler in a foreign country. But eSIM is completely different. With eSIM, you can access the Internet as soon as you arrive at the airport like in your home country.

eSIM is a technology already built into your smartphone, so you can access a local Internet network by simply registering eSIM’s digital information on your smartphone. You don’t have to physically handle your sim card or wait for a long line because all of this is done in your hand. Before traveling, buy eSIM from eSIM stores such as eSIM USA or eSIM Korea and install it on your mobile phone. Then as soon as you arrive at the destination, eSIM will be activated and you will be able to use the Internet. It doesn’t matter at all if you didn’t have time to prepare in advance because you can receive digital information of eSIM almost immediately after purchasing, so you can install and activate it right away.

If you are going to travel to many countries during this vacation, you need eSIM even more. Unlike sim cards, eSIM can install multiple plans on your smartphone at once. So you don’t have to worry about losing it by carrying multiple sim cards. You just have to buy eSIM online and then install all eSIMs on your smartphone at once. Every time you move to a country, a plan that covers that country will be activated immediately and connect you to the Internet. On this trip, break down network barriers with eSIM and relax and look around.