What will fashion look like the following year, 2022?

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From what we’ve already seen in recent fashion weeks, it turns out there are a lot of exciting things ahead: the return of low waists and strong dress style, neon triumph over neutral colours.

Luxurious accessories in shape from fur bags and sneakers with the pointed introduction – we’ll tell you the things that will be a real success in 2022 that are worth looking at now and what to add to your wardrobe.

Bright Coats

For a long time, classic pastel-coloured coats were thought to have a place in the essential wardrobe, but in the fall-winter 2021 season. Designers staged an actual rebellion against the rule.

As a result, they have not appeared in Prada, Sacai, Nina Ricci and many other brands, and this is not only for glamorous models. But even neon models of different styles – from “robes” with a belt at the waist to “cocoons” that do not have dimensions and will be warm in cold weather and cheery.

Pointed Sneakers Provided

Even though romance and tenderness are gradually returning to fashion again, the impact of sports style on designers remains very strong. And one of next year’s most controversial trends. Of course, will be pointing-front sneakers. Which fit perfectly into the ugly shoe category.

Even stars and fashion influencers (even those obsessed with a mule) don’t dare wear them, but they’re sure two months later. And gradually these shoes will fill the streets of our biggest city and will be an appetite-fuelled Instagram feast.

“Granny’s Knitted Clothes.”

Another trend in the cold season is knitted clothes, especially sweaters and sweaters, which want to be as much as possible as the old school as if brought to us by the time machine of the 1960s.

But, of course, to find these things. You won’t have to spend hours in old stores or search the dusty rural attic – very soon, you’ll appear abundantly in a variety of luxury brands and mass markets.

Fur Bags Fashion

Next year, the main item is fur, which will appear on coat hoops and shoes, accessories, and bags. If you prefer a more secret style. Rely on natural-coloured models, which you can even go to the office. But if you want to surprise, feel free to wear pink, green and yellow, and animal prints – such as cheetah, zebra or exotic birds feathers.

Outdoor Bulletproof Vests

According to the saying, if you are a woman who prefers to set up a sleigh in summer and are already looking for a jacket that perfectly combines fashion and comfort. Looks for outer jackets, similar to extreme sports equipment.

Not only will it look attractive and unusual. But it will also protect you well from the cold and wind, do not get wet, and also match the excellent daily look.

So that it can be worn with comfortable shoes and heeled shoes – the choice remains based solely on weather conditions.

Gloves Fashion

Wool, terry, fur, puffy and leather – to help keep our hands warm at the end of this year and next year, we won’t have gloves, as in previous features, gloves, for example, from short models suitable for sheepskin¬†coats and lower jackets, high (almost to elbows).

For jackets and robes. Decorated with rhinestones or sequins for bright coats in the style of the first decade of the 21st century. By the way, you should wear them to complete the image and protect the skin of the hands from cracking.

High Fur Shoes

Uggs and moon boots shoes, which were fashionable last winter, will be replaced by fur shoes, which have become the leading shoes at Chanel and Miu Miu shows and has finally proved to everyone that the era of high heels in everyday life is a thing of the past.

But, of course, if you want to wear ski boots as apres-ski items – puffy overalls and jackets with Norwegian prints and knitted trousers. We recommend that you combine them with fold skirts sheer dresses. It will work decently and very innovatively.

Low-Rise Jeans

Britney spears’ low-rise jeans at the beginning of her musical career are still the subject of heated debate: someone thinks they should all collect in one place and burned and that someone wears them with great pleasure.

Whatever the case – the bare navel. And lower back in the coming seasons will become more popular. So at some point. Even the most conservative fashion designers won’t be able to resist this trend.

Fur Bags Fashion

In recent months, many large fashion houses, including Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Have entirely abandoned the use of natural fur but have not forgotten these materials but have turned to their more environmentally friendly counterparts.

In 2022, many designers will offer us bulletproof jackets and beautiful fur coats even for extreme frosting. So when going shopping (you can do it now). Pay attention to the vast grey and brown models: you can imagine yourself at the same time as an 18th-century lady. Suchobaka of Star Wars, and Cruella De Ville.