How to Choose the Best Puma Running Shoes

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Puma has created an extensive line of running sneakers and shoes for years. Most people love Puma because they constantly innovate their construction and materials to offer runners the right cushioning and support without sacrificing quality and style.

They also come at an affordable price and provide ample support and cushioning while keeping the upper part breathable and lightweight. Whether you want something durable and cushioned for long-distance running, you will find a wide range of styles in stores like Footlocker Australia to meet your needs.

Why Puma?

Shoes that guarantee faster run times without exuding extra effort are mythical, especially for competitive runners. And while Puma’s new running shoes aren’t full of the magic beans, the enhanced qualities designed to improve speed and performance will be a welcome addition come race day.

Fitted with a carbon plate and special foam, the lightweight and fast shoes can help with your personal bests, be it a 5k, a full or half marathon.

Most trainers now come with a carbon plate in their soles, and Puma was among the brands to debut shoes like this. However, Puma has been biding time for a reason. Many trainers with carbon plates draw criticism in terms of grip and stability. They have relatively thicker soles necessary to transfer energy from carbon plates, making them unstable.

But at 36mm, Puma’s sole is slightly shorter than the permitted 40mm sole thickness, avoiding this negative impact.

Examples of Puma Running Shoes

Choosing the best Puma running shoes is important to improve your running experience and prevent injuries. Ill-fitting shoes may lead to blisters, discomfort, and even more severe conditions, such as plantar fasciitis or shin splints. Investing in high-quality Puma running shoes, which can cater to your needs, is a wise decision for every runner. Here are good examples of high-quality Puma running shoes:

  • Puma Deviate Nitro 2 – This model fixes minor issues from the original by adding extra fun and delivering good performance for different forms of running. Although this model’s bounce isn’t as pronounced as the original Deviate Nitro, Puma added a full-length layer of Nitro Elite form and two more millimetres of forefoot stack to add some plushness. In addition, the heel is slightly denser than the forefoot/midfoot Nitro foam, resulting in a similar feel but not as abrupt as Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite. The outcome is a shoe, which shines as you run and doesn’t feel bouncy upon try-on.
  • Magnify Nitro Surge – Introducing Magnify Nitro Surge, where comfort takes centre stage. Puma, this season has improved this style with an engineered mesh upper to enhance breathability and paired it with a ‘cat’s tongue’ material to ascertain a secure fit. Specifically designed for long-distance runs where comfort is key, these Puma shoes’ midsole features a layer of nitrogen-injected NITRO form combined with a durable PROFOAMLITE later. This perfect combination ensures a cushioned and plush ride, making this model suitable for people who want comfort during their runs.
  • Calibrate Trainers – Calibrate trainers feature XETIC, the latest midsole technology from Sportswear Company. According to Puma’s website, this technology uniquely responds to the specifics of your steps. Calibrate trainers also have a snug fit. If you like running shoes that feel secure without being too tight, Calibrate trainers have engineered knit vamp, providing a sock-like feel whenever you slip your shoes on. Although they may feel lightweight, your calves and ankle will still have enough support.

Choosing the Right Puma Running Shoes

The best running shoes will make a great difference between a run refused and a run realized. Although trial and error are involved when looking for the right Puma running shoes for your goals and feet, the payoff is real. You will have a pair of shoes, laying the groundwork for an enduring, rewarding, and comfortable pursuit, whether you run primarily for your personal bests or your health.

To find the best Puma running shoes, you must try several pairs in your living room or at a local running store. And if you are ordering one from home, consider the following key factors:

  • Running tendencies and feet – Your running tendencies and feet have two key parameters. Approximately 72% of people have overpronation. Some have their feet in a neutral position, while others have outward rotation or supination of the foot. You will have to choose shoes with good support, depending on the pronation of your feet. Another key parameter is where you land your toe, middle of the foot, and heel. Your running technique is the key to choosing the best shoe drop, the thickness difference between the shoe’s sole at the toe and the heel.
  • Running-specific shoes – Puma running shoes are like sneakers but have a unique design change. This change of design doesn’t just prevent injuries, which might occur because of constant foot movement. It is also what distinguishes a running shoe from a walking sneaker.
  • Heel height – The industry for running shoes has been through a culture shift for the past few years with an explosion in minimalism. Dorsiflexion, a lack of ankle joint movement in the upward direction, is one of the risk factors for injuries. It is easy to screen this through a lunge test, and it provides helpful information when choosing running shoes with the right heel drop or height. It is advisable too that the test is done in the presence of a reliable healthcare expert who is conversant with the test, as you can be surprised by how some people cheat unknowingly.

To Wrap-Up

Invest more time to understand the process of choosing the right Puma running shoes, which can pay off over time. The best Puma running shoes differ from various shoe categories, and the list continues to change as the company introduces new styles. If you don’t know how long or where to run, you can choose a Puma running shoe that works for most runners. In this case, Puma Deviate Nitro 2 is your best option. Other options include Magnify Nitro Surge and Calibrate trainers.

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