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Your choice of clothing is often one of the first impressions you make, when meeting someone for the first time they are subconsciously making judgements about your lifestyle and personality based on your look.

Jeans have long been a fashion staple; they are a hardwearing and versatile material and come in many different styles. Many of us have at least a couple of different styles of jeans in our closets and a favorite pair that we tend to gravitate towards for everyday looks.

Whether you are someone who like to hop into trends or someone who places a high importance on comfort, your fashion choices give others some insight into you as a person. Here is what the styles of jeans you are wearing could be saying about you:

Ripped Jeans

First up is ripped jeans and these come in many variations, you can opt for a tighter fit with skinny ripped jeans or for more relaxed styles such as stacked ripped jeans or straight leg jeans. Overall, ripped jeans tend to signify that you are someone who is cool, stylish and edgy.

You are not afraid to stand out and do not conform to societal standards. You also value individuality. Ripped jeans tend to be a more casual look and pair well with a plain white t-shirt.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are often associated with the 1970s and hipster looks but are still favorites today. Wearing a pair of flares suggests that you are highly creative, cool and confident. Flares can be a bold look that not everyone feels brave enough to pull off.

Flared designs can also increase the wearers confidence and make them feel powerful. They are the focal point of the outfit and are likely to receive lots of compliments.


Jeggings are most often worn by women but there are men’s jegging styles out there too. Wearing jeggings tends to suggest that you are someone who likes to feel comfortable and safe.

Jeggings are a popular choice for those that do not like the harsh feel of denim or restrictive movement but still want the appearance of wearing jeans. If you like jeggings, you are probably also a big fan of joggers.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a very popular and perhaps safe choice of jeans to wear. If you are a fan of skinny jeans, you are probably someone who isn’t obsessed with following the latest trends and doesn’t do well with big change.

There is nothing wrong with wearing this style, skinnies are a versatile look and can be dressed up for more formal events or dressed down for a casual look. They may be considered a little old fashioned by Gen Z now but are likely to remain a well-loved choice for millennials and older generations for the foreseeable future.

Bootcut Jeans

Wearers of bootcut jeans know what styles suit their shape, they are calm, confident and prefer classic looks to standing out from the crowd. Bootcut are a great everyday look for those that want to look fashionable but aren’t too concerned with hopping on every new trend.

Bootcut jeans often pair well with sneakers and most styles of tops and jackets. It is certainly worth investing in at least one pair of these jeans.

Straight Cut

Straight cut jeans are very much on trend at this moment in time. If you are wearing a pair of these, it shows that you are someone who is very into their fashion and likely someone that friends and family come to for style tips and outfit checks.

Just like flares, straight cut jeans are usually the focal point of an outfit, especially if they are a high waisted design. A wearer of straight cut jeans is likely to be an individual that puts thought and planning into their looks.

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