The Ultimate Guide to Sun Protection: Safeguarding Your Skin with Sunscreen

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Sun protection is indispensable for healthy skin. As stressed by all dermatologists and skin experts across the globe, applying sunscreen should be a non-negotiable part of your skincare regimen. Applying the best sunscreen with SPF 50 daily protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun and maintains its health at all ages and in all seasons.

Early signs of ageing and wrinkles are some of the problems that regular sun exposure can cause. Sunscreens are effective in forming a barrier to your skin to keep the sun rays from breaking down important proteins in your skin and helping even out your skin tone.

There is a common misconception about sunscreen’s usability. Most believe that when the weather is not sunny or if you are indoors, sunscreen is not required. This is a myth and sunscreens should be applied even when there are no harsh sun rays.

Importance and Benefits of Sunscreen with SPF 50

It is a myth that brown or dark skin does not require sunscreen. Sunscreen with SPF 50 works well on any skin tone, and applying it daily protects your skin from the following problems:

  • Dullness due to regular sun exposure: This is a common concern among Indians specifically. Since sun exposure is maximum, dullness of skin results from the breaking down of important protein in your skin thus making it appear dull and tired. Using best sunscreen daily helps minimise dullness.
  • Signs of early ageing: According to research regular sun exposure can make your skin age prematurely. A broad spectrum sunscreen with spf may actually reduce these signs and make skin look younger.
  • Wrinkles: UV rays of the sun can damage the collagen in your skin. Wrinkles can thus be a result of sun exposure apart from being an outcome of the natural process of ageing. The sunscreens that you apply, protects the collagen and other protein from breaking down due to the sun rays.
  • Uneven skin tone: skin tone can be a result of both pollution and sun damage. The light emitted from the screen of technological or electrical devices can also damage your skin and lead to uneven skin tone. Using sunscreen daily, even indoors, helps maintain the even tone of your skin.
  • Skin cancer: One of the most important functions of sunscreen is protection from skin cancer. It is a myth that only fair skin people get skin cancer due to low melanin. But in all probabilities Indian skin tone is also susceptible to skin cancer and other sun damage despite having high melanin. Hence, best spf 50 sunscreen is a must before you step out.
  • Pigmentation: Darkening of your lips, dark patches on your face can be extremely unflattering. These are also a result of your skin being exposed to the harmful sun rays. The sun rays produce an uneven proportion of melanin that leads to pigmentation. A best spf 50 sunscreen everyday will keep pigmentations at bay!
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Sunscreen also soothes skin redness and provides hydration to the skin so that it does not feel dry.

Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence SPF 50 Sunscreen 

Earth Rhythm is India’s first home-grown brand which believes in safe skincare for people. It has tapped into the eco-conscious space by coming up with products that are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives and is also cruelty-free.

  • Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence Best SPF 50 Sunscreen is a product of the brand’s technology-driven clinical trials and research that caters to all the requirements of people looking for sunscreen.
  • It is fit for all skin types, and with a broad spectrum SPF 50, it protects the skin from both UVA and UVB and leaves no white cast after application.
  • The SPF 50 is PA++++, and this is a protection grade which indicates the amount of protection it offers to the skin.
  • It is dermatologically tested, PETA certified, cruelty-free, and contains naturally occurring mineral filters for long-lasting and all-around protection from sun damage.
  • The texture of the sunscreen is gel-based and has a soft, dry finish that feels comfortable on the skin in all seasons. It is also.
  • It helps minimise early signs of ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation, and brown spots and soothes redness.
  • It also prevents skin drying as it is extremely water-resistant and non-sticky. Thus keeps the skin hydrated all day long.

How to Use Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence SPF 50 Sunscreen?

Take a liberal amount of the product and apply it on all the exposed areas, including your neck, until it gets absorbed in the skin. Apply it for fifteen to twenty minutes before walking out under the sun. You can reapply every three hours throughout the day.

Your skin care is incomplete without sunscreen. All the products you apply to your face will not give you the maximum benefit if the sunscreen does not protect them. Choose a non-sticky, non-comedogenic, comfortable sunscreen with SPF 50 that leaves no white cast. Earth Rhythm Ultra Defence SPF 50 sunscreen is affordable and meets all the requirements.

It can take thirty minutes for your skin to absorb the sunscreen completely, so apply sunscreen as early as possible in the morning. Applying early will give you a chance to reapply it more and you can have effective sun protection throughout the day.  With this advice, do not forget to protect your lips from the sun. Choose SPF 30 or higher for your lips for sun protection.


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