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Not everyone is good at public speaking, and the responsibility of giving a wedding speech can sometimes be the source of anxiety and even unease. However, with the right tips and the knowledge that you wouldn’t be the only person giving a speech, you could drum up the courage that you need.

To nail a killer speech, you would have to prepare well before the d day. And while this might sound like a lot, simply learning how to write a wedding speech and acquiring a few tips can go a long way. So, you can get rid of any pressure you might be feeling just by being prepared.

Here are a few tips and words of advice that can give you all the tools to best equip you to give that speech flawlessly and with a smile.


Wedding Speech Guide

This guide to wedding speeches can serve as a loose template that you can follow when writing your speech. With the right flow you can get your words across perfectly and effortlessly.

1. Write Your Opening Statement

If you are thinking about what to say at a wedding speech, endeavor to begin with an engaging opening statement or question. You will be speaking to your audience, not at them, so it will be important not to be boring.

2. Speak to The Guests

Another one of our wedding speech tips that could help with your nerves is to address the guests and not focus too much on yourself. Instead focus on the audience and how you want them to feel about the message you’re passing across. This can also inform what your speech will contain as you’ll want to make the couple feel good as well.

3. Focus on Your Speaking Points

The best wedding speeches have certain points that they focus on. So, it is a great idea to note what your points are and focus on those. For instance you can talk about your relationship with the couple, how they met, what you love about them and all that you wish for them. Adding one or two stories is just another way to keep your audience engaged.


Understanding what to say in a wedding speech is the first step in giving that killer speech. These tips can take you even further to delivering your speech like a pro.

1. Rehearse

You would have to rehearse a marriage speech a few times if you’re going to get it right. So be sure to rehearse at least once or twice, and if you’re not sure, rehearse again. This will help with your confidence and remembering your main points. You could also practice in front of a mirror to see how you look while standing and speaking, or even in front of a friend if you need a second opinion.

2. Try Not to Drink

While it might be tempting to get some liquid courage before giving a speech for a wedding ceremony, it’s better not to drink at all beforehand. You will need a clear head if you are going to speak with any clarity and remember your lines. Also, the last thing that you want is to sound rude, speak with slurred words or forget your speech altogether. You are free to drink however after you give your toast as you close the speech.

3. Be Yourself

When you’re coming up with wedding speech ideas, remember that this is not a time to put on any airs. You are safer keeping things simple and just being yourself. Speak from the heart and the words will flow. You will find that when your words are not forced or from pretense, your speech will be much easier to deliver and you will connect better with your listeners.

4. Keep Notes

While it is commendable to rely on your mind for everything, it is important to keep notes while making a speech. At least notes that highlight the main speaking points and any poignant anecdotes that you might be using. Keeping these notes writing a wedding speech can be the difference between a perfect speech delivery and a disastrous one.

5. Keep it Short

Sweet and short wedding speeches are often the best. A long speech can bore wedding guests and they become distracted. However a not too long and not too short speech that passes the right message across can be heartwarming and romantic. Delivering just the right message within the perfect space of time.

There is no requirement to be too concerned about learning how to write a wedding speech. With this guide and the tips that follow, you can give that killer speech that will make your friends and loved ones proud. These tips can be helpful whether you are giving a speech for your partner, sibling, friend or even your child.

Author: Natalia Bayeva

She knows the modern wedding trends and gives valuable tips and advice. Her articles in Wedding Forward definitely will help you to find the flawless wedding song, toast, or venue for your marriage day just in a few minutes! Free time Natalia wishes to spend with her family and friends.

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