Getting Christmas Lights and Decoration for Your Small House

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Decorating a small house can be a bit of a task, especially given that not many movies or magazines ever showcase small houses with Christmas decorations. One has to wonder about where the tree will fit in or how to best arrange the décor so that it doesn’t seem too scrubby. However, there is a way you can make it work in a small apartment and make your home a perfect example of just how to utilize space and function during Christmas.

Picking the Best Christmas Tree

Picking a Christmas tree is not a fine science. You simply need to check for its height and also see how far out its branches go out. You can trim the edges to make it thinner but trimming the height is difficult because it will affect the tree’s posture and overall look. If your apartment is small, consider a small Christmas tree that shouldn’t be more than 4 feet high. You can still make a small tree work with just the right lighting and decorations. However, if you decide to go for a larger tree, make sure your have enough ceiling allowance that will give enough space at the top of the tree for a star or any other decoration.

Consider a Minimalist Approach

A minimalist Christmas is quickly gaining ground within urban areas and especially in apartments. Since most people don’t want the stress of going all out on Christmas, they have opted to find a balance between their usual home décor and adding a few decorative items without changing the previous theme. A white Christmas is a great option to go for since it will allow you to showcase the Christmas theme and still keep your house tidy.

Choosing the Right Placing for your Lights

More lights will add depth and the illusion of space in your house. Never opt for dim lighting if your apartment is small since this will only make your house one large disco ball if you ever consider adding flickering Christmas tree lights. Use bright lights in the open spaces and more intimate warmer lights in smaller spaces such as the bedroom and the corners. Try to balance the Christmas lights properly so that your home seems more open and free.

How Mirrors Enhance Your Space

Mirrors and lights will do wonders for your space and your home will seem larger with apparent open spaces created using mirrors. The illusion of space created by mirrors is further enhanced by light. Having a string of lights around a mirror will not only create an illusion of more space, but it will light up the virtual space enough to make your room seem larger.

You can also break your mirrors into smaller sizes and these can be placed next to light fixtures so long as they are able to deflect the light to darker areas of your room or house. By keeping a good number of mirrors in open spaces, you can then add decorations next to the mirrors without worrying about keeping too many of them.

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