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dark spotsDark spots write for us: There are so numerous ways to treat dark spots that it can be hard to know where to start. What ingredients should you be looking for? And most importantly, which ones remove dark spots forever?

To answer these queries, SELF talked to several dermatologists to find out how they treat dark spots on the face. Because as a beauty editor, flawless skin is my top priority. We all want a complexion that doesn’t even need makeup. But I’m not that far yet.

Dark spots. What is the biggest thing that prevents me from reaching my goal without makeup? Uneven skin tone makes me decide on my makeup bag. Read on to learn what causes dark spots first, plus nine dermatologist-recommended treatments for dark spots.

What causes dark spots?

“Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, are due to overproduction of melanin in the skin by melanocytes,” plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, MD, tells SELF. She says many things can trigger that extra melanin: “Hormones, both estrogen and progesterone, can increase melanin levels, so why do pregnant women see dark spots that often lighten after giving birth? Sun can increase melanin levels: why do we get more dark spots after summer, and age can increase the size of melanocytes, so we see dark age spots in older patients?

Other factors, such as skin irritation from acne, waxing, and harsh peels, can also cause dark spots. Now that you distinguish where dark spots come from, reading on to find out how to get rid of dark spots.

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