Cleaning Trainers: Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Cleaning Trainers

Anyone who uses a pair of trainers regularly knows how easily they can become dirty. Unsightly shoes can be an annoyance, but they can also lead to other problems that you can easily avoid with a little regular cleaning and maintenance.

Why is it Important to Regularly Clean Your Trainers?

“Let’s spend some time cleaning my trainers”, is not likely on the top of many people’s list of favourite things to do… but neither is brushing your teeth and doing laundry. Simple and basic maintenance in this area can lead to significant improvements with surprisingly little time or effort. What are the benefits of regularly cleaning your trainers?

  • Ensures the Longevity of Your Shoes
  • Makes Sure They Always Look Great
  • Clean Trainers Help to Make a Good First Impression

What Are the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Pair of Shoes?

  • Using the Washing Machine

Jo-ell from trainer cleaning service MyNewKicks said “A simple rule of thumb when cleaning your trainers is, “DO NOT USE THE WASHING MACHINE”.” Using the washing machine is unnecessarily rough on shoes, can damage delicate materials and significantly reduces the lifespan of your shoes. Always wash your shoes by hand for best results.

  • Applying Harsh Chemicals

Do not apply harsh chemicals like bleach or other detergents that are meant for clothing or cleaning products in your home. Use soapy water (or your preferred cleaning solution) when cleaning your shoes and gently scrub with a brush or cloth.

  • Letting Your Trainers Dry in the Sun

While you should let your shoes dry, you should avoid letting them dry directly in the warm sunlight. The heat and UV rays from the sun can damage any delicate materials present and will reduce the lifespan of these particular parts of your shoe.

  • Not Following Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Every trainer should have manufacturer recommendations detailed either in the box or available online for review.

  • Leaving Laces on Shoes While Cleaning

A common mistake people make is to leave the laces on their shoes when cleaning. Do not do this! Always remove your laces and wash them separately, either in a fabric bag in the washing machine on delicate or washed by hand and left to air dry.

  • Using Excessive Heat

Always air-dry your trainers. It may be tempting to throw them in the dryer or to use a hair dryer to speed up the process, but this will deform the shape of your shoe, potentially lead to delamination of the sole and damage to the trims of your trainers.

  • Working With Too Much Detergent and Water

When cleaning your trainers, remember you are not washing a sink full of dishes. Use the necessary amount of water and detergent, but no more than that. This can lead to trainers that do not dry properly and may end up with mould or scent problems.

  • Forgetting to Remove the Insoles

Anytime you are doing shoe care, remove the insoles and clean and dry them separately.

  • Not Using Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are one of the best ways to maintain the structural integrity of your trainers.

Protect Your Trainers by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

By avoiding these simple mistakes when cleaning your trainers, you can maximize the lifespan of your shoes while always looking sharp and making a great impression.

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