8 Common Mistakes People Make While Choosing Their Bridal Sets

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Every bride-to-be gets butterflies thinking of her D-day, but along with the excitement comes the stress of planning a perfect look. It is common to get jittery before shopping for bridal sets. A hundred questions can cross a bride’s mind while looking for a matching engagement reign and wedding ring set. Jewelry is expensive and gets noticed as soon as the bride walks down the aisle, so selecting the right necklace can be pressurizing.

To make life easier and brides happier, some common mistakes can be avoided when choosing a bridal set and supporting wedding day jewelry. Here’s a list of mistakes most people make. Read further to know what these are and how to avoid them.

1. Buying bridal jewelry before a wedding outfit

This is one of the most common mistakes that brides-to-be make. Buying bridal jewelry before buying the wedding outfit can be a big roadblock as you have to match the jewelry to the outfit, restricting you from buying many other beautiful options that you may prefer. To be on the safer side, prefer buying your wedding gown first and ask the shopkeeper for a swatch that you can carry; this way, you can easily match your wedding dress with your jewels.

2. Always overlapping sets

Correctly placing the bridal necklace according to the neckline of your dress can make you stand out and give stunning bridal portraits. Overlapping sets can kill your look because not every necklace looks good with every neckline. Experiment with the lengths, stones, and metals. You can consider layering neckpieces instead of buying one big choker or diamond necklace, as it will be more useful in the future.

3. Going overboard with the size of the earrings

To give a balanced look to the face, the size of the earrings should be according to the size of the neckpiece. For instance, if you have opted for a heavy choker, your ideal earrings should be studs or small droplets. Try on a few pieces and see what looks best according to the shape of your face.

4. Buying the necklace with pictures

Buying your bridal necklace with pictures is too big a risk because your final look might not turn out how you imagined it. There is a probability of going wrong with the size of the necklace, and it’s not necessary that what you see in a picture will look good when worn with your wedding dress.

5. Not paying attention to the bridal outfit

Pay attention to the details of your wedding dress when searching for your bridal jewelry. Keep in mind the neckline of your gown, its colors, shades, patterns, and the kind of work your dress has. For instance, if you have pearl work on your gown, you can opt for a dainty diamond necklace with pearl droplets. It’s a classic combination and will give you a complete look.

6. Lack of research about jewelry before buying

Before you enter a store to make an expensive jewelry purchase, you should be aware of the cut, clarity, size, and type of metal you are going to select and why. Doing good research will give you a fair idea about what will be the best pick in your budget.

7. Not looking for certified bridal jewelry

It is very easy to get scammed in today’s world. Jewelry holds a lot of resale value; make sure to read the fine print, terms and conditions, and the return or exchange policy so that you are on a safer end. Only buy certified jewelry when you are completely satisfied.

8. Blindly following what’s in fashion

An ongoing trend doesn’t need to be the right fit for you. Trends are transitionary, and following them doesn’t make you stand out. Choosing your bridal ensembles based on what you saw on social media can turn out to be a disaster as every face and body is different; what looks good on one person might not look the best on the other. For instance, headbands are supposedly the ‘in’ thing right now. They are considered a more chic option compared to classic tiaras, but you need to watch out if headbands are suitable for your forehead and will match your bridal necklace.

Jewelry will stay with you forever, so select a necklace that resembles your taste and style. It is always better to opt for a classy, timeless piece instead of a trendy one because jewelry is passed on from generation to generation, so what looks in style right now might not be relevant a few years later.

The role of a bridal necklace is to elevate your look and not overshadow it, so consider all the above-mentioned points to have a hassle-free experience while selecting your neckpiece. From choosing the correct size, color, and metal to always buying certified pieces,  paying attention to small details can help you create that stunning bridal look and make heads turn on your big day.