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Have you been looking for new jewellery with some added protection? Consider the stunning and powerful Blue Onyx, a gemstone with a long history of use due to its healing and protective qualities.

A type of chalcedony, Onyx gets its name from the Greek term for “claw” or “nail.” A combination of morganite and quartz makes up chalcedony. In its microcrystalline stage, Onyx is frequently hexagonal. Its hardness rating is 7, and its luster is pretty waxy. However, it delivers opaque transparency in addition to being waxy.

Onyx typically comes in black or white with bands, though there are a few unusual specimens that have layers of brown, yellow, Blue Onyx, or red colors. Because of the numerous bands or layers, a single gemstone can have complex color patterns.

Onyx is most frequently found in black and white layers, typically with a black foundation layer and a white layer on top. This is commonly called “true” or “Arabic” Onyx. For example, you may come across exquisite jewellery with a hand-carved white face or animal on top of a black background. Cutting away at the white top layer reveals the black foundation layer.

“Nicolo onyx” is a type of Onyx that is primarily black with a skinny layer of white on top. This particular variety’s tiny white covering makes its dark base look blue.

Sardonyx, a type of Onyx with yellow, red, or brownish layers, was very popular among European and Near Eastern cultures. It can also be carved similarly, with portions of the top layers removed to reveal each layer below the carving or design of the animal.

Entirely black Onyx can exist, but it is uncommon. It was probably dyed black to acquire the pure hue if you come across an utterly black stone with no additional layers.

What are the healing benefits of Onyx?

Many see Onyx as having protective properties, including the ability to predict if a relationship will last into the future or if it has reached its end. It also gives individuals fortitude through lonely or gloomy times.

It has been utilised to alleviate psychological and physical suffering, offers stability in one’s life, and foster self-control. Many also believe it will improve your intuition, as it did for Cleopatra, make you happier, and help you break bad habits.

Today, it’s thought to be a stone that benefits your intellect the most. Some people wear Onyx jewellery to boost their memory, create mental equilibrium, or lessen stress. Wearing Onyx jewellery is still thought to help you keep pessimism at bay and eliminate negative thoughts, illustrating how pervasive the idea that it can diminish negative feelings is.

Wearers believe that Onyx jewellery can help you determine whether your relationship is unhappy and then do away with unhappy relations of any kind. This is similar to how Onyx jewellery was usually used throughout history to help with relationships, particularly how it was thought to break apart bad relationships.

Onyx is still thought of as a mourning gemstone, to some extent. However, Onyx, mainly black Onyx, is believed to be able to ease grief, separation, and even death. Onyx jewellery may boost your sense of security, just like Cleopatra did, and lessen your loneliness or melancholy sentiments.

Onyx also helps you control your emotions and lessen lustful thoughts if you wear it as a necklace around your neck. Modern Onyx necklaces are a great example of how wearing Onyx jewellery can help you gain better control.

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