Botox – Introduction, How does it Work? and More

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Botox is a medical product widely used in the world in various medical fields, where. Produced under special surveillance laboratory conditions. Botox was initially is use to treat strabismus problems. And then for various movement disorders characterized by hyperactivity of muscles.

It was discovered through rich clinical practice. And experience that accumulated with the use of botox its sudden effect. As the use of botox significantly improves the appearance of facial expression lines.

How Does it Work?

Botox works on facial expression lines known as moving wrinkles, such as. These wrinkles are formed over the years by facial expressions repeating every day. Such as smiles. Words of anger or exclamation, concentration, thinking, etc. Where muscles trigger all facial expressions.

The muscle does not trigger wrinkles when its is injected. So wrinkles are not formed when the power moves to a relaxation state. As botox treatment relaxes the forces that lead to wrinkles and keeps them in this state for four to six months.


Since botox treatment is only administering by injection. The treatment can only perform by a doctor. As the injection process is straightforward through:

They remove the cream after fifteen minutes. And injected with tiny amounts of it only to treat with a small needle. Where the whole process takes a few minutes.

Normal activities can return immediately after treatment. And the result of it limiting to the injection area. And the substance is not transfering elsewhere in the body.

What To Expect From Botox Treatment?

Like any other cosmetic surgery. The success of the treatment also depends on expectations of it, as:

The results of its treatment appear after 3 or 4 days. And it works for about two weeks so that after two weeks. You must go back to the doctor again for observation. If further repairs there is a need. So it is essential to go for a review.

Botox can erase wrinkles by loosening muscles and lifting eyebrows. And upper eyelids by several millimetres or more.

It is commonly used for front areas. Between eyebrows. And sides of the eyes. While injections can be made for other regions such as the neck, chin. And also, upper lip.

Is The Use Of Botox Safe?

Many clinical trials in the field of cosmetics. And long years of clinical practice in the neurotransmitter field have fully demonstrated the safety of the use of botox treatment.

The accumulated experience with botox has made him better than any other alternative. With the correct dose. And a doctor with significant experience while maintaining minimum intervals of three months between treatments. The treatment you can also re-treat for several years.

Who Can’t Undergo Botox Treatment?

Despite the safety and effectiveness of its treatment. There are still people for whom there is no recommendation to receive botox treatment. Such as pregnant women. Women planning to become pregnant within six months of receiving treatment Nursing women too. And people with muscle diseases and autoimmune diseases.

In addition, its treatment is intended for ages 20 to 80. Therefore, people under the age of 20 or over 80 are not recommended to receive such treatment. And it recommends not to engage in sports activities for 48 hours after botox treatment.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Botox Treatment?

Although there are side effects such as any medical treatment. It is essential to note that the incidence of complications is very low. And among the possible side effects that can occur:


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