Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

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However, there is much discussion about the side effects of laser hair removal. Other products are rare and do not affect long-term health with some temporary and secondary side effects after laser surgery.

Laser hair removal is generally safe. If you’re bored with traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving, you may be interested in laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal is performed by a dermatologist or other qualified and trained specialists and prevents the growth of new hair from the capillary follicle. They are safe for most people and have no long-term side effects.

Minor Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal is based on the use of a high-temperature precision laser. Lasers may cause temporary side effects immediately after the procedure. The most common are skin irritation and pigmentation changes.

Redness and irritation of the skin:

Laser hair removal may cause temporary irritation. Slight redness and swelling may also be observed in the treated area, but minor effects. the same results are often observed after other hair removal methods, such as wax, are used.

The doctor may use a local anaesthetic before it to reduce these effects.
Total irritability should disappear within hours of the procedure. Ice bags can be placed to help relieve swelling and pain.

See your doctor if symptoms other than mild irritability appear or side effects worsen.
changes in pigmentation:

After laser treatment, the skin may become darker or slightly lighter. People with pale skin are more likely to have dark spots after laser hair removal. In addition, weak spots may appear in people with darker skin.

These changes are temporary and do not cause concern.

Severe Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

It rarely causes severe side effects. However, the risk increases by using home lasers or an untrained person operating.

Rare side effects of laser hair removal include:

Excessive hair growth in the treated area: sometimes, this effect confusing with hair loss after laser hair removal.

Change in skin texture: skin tan may become more likely later.

Scars: it is more common in people willing to scarring easily.

Pimples and skin peels: these effects may result from exposure to sunlight shortly after the operation.

Despite their scarcity, it is necessary to see these effects and inform your doctor when any of these symptoms appear after laser hair removal.

Can Lasers Be Used To Remove Hair During Pregnancy?

This does not recommend because there are not enough human studies to prove the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy.

Some women want to remove excess hair that grows during laser pregnancy, as hair growth on the breasts and abdomen may increase. This hair often falls out automatically, without the need for any treatment other than waiting until the end of pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman wants laser hair removal, it is best to postpone it until after birth and wait several weeks after that for a safer procedure.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

The belief that laser hair removal may cause cancer is an unfounded illusion.

According to skincare organizations, this procedure is sometimes they use to treat certain forms of precancerous lesions.

Types of lasers are used to treat the effects of sun exposure and wrinkles. The amount of radiation used for laser hair removal limiting, and its impact limits the surface layer of the skin, so it does not pose a risk factor for cancer.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Infertility?

This is also just a myth, and lasers only affect the surface layer of the skin, i.e. they do not penetrate any of the body’s organs.


Generally, laser hair removal is safe and effective for most people.

This procedure should not be applied near the eyes or during pregnancy for greater security. See your doctor if there are any minor symptoms after laser hair removal.

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