5 Lipstick shades perfect for everyday makeup looks

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Looking good is serious business! When we say this, we truly mean it and the ladies know exactly what we are talking about. And, to look good we ladies need our special weapons every single day. That includes a bunch of lipstick shades as well. So, let us check out a few awesome lipstick shades that you must have for your everyday makeup looks.

Be wise when picking your lipstick shades for daily wear because you want something that makes you look fresh and ready for the day. Also, pick shades that can be used in multiple ways.

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If you’re struggling with dry lips and want a lipstick that not only adds colour but also keeps your lips hydrated, you must check out a few nude glossy lipstick shades. The best glossy lipstick shades for a fair skin tone would be a bunch of pretty pinks. Dark pinks and light pinks work really on someone who has a fair skin tone. You can even use your pink lipstick as a lip cheek tint and use it like your blush for an instant fresh look. This does not even require extra effort or extra products. Just dab a few strokes on your cheeks while you apply your lipstick on your lips. And done!


Another gorgeous glossy lipstick shade that you must have if you have a medium or dusky skin tone. A pretty glossy orange lipstick also works. You can even mix it with a peachy long stay matte lipstick to tone down the shade. This is a super versatile shade that can be used as a colour corrector as well as a blush. You can even use your glossy orange lipstick like your eye shadow base and set it with other powder-based eye shadow colour or just wear it on its own set with compact powder. Make sure you always carry your peach nude lipstick with you, because this shade is just perfect for an instant fresh look.


A brown lipstick shade is an absolute must-have for your perfect everyday makeup look. Browns lipsticks shades are one of the best glossy nude lipsticks for every skin tone. Brown lipsticks can also be used as contours sticks and also like a concealer for dusky skin tones. A good brown glossy lipstick works like magic for someone with a fair skin tone, you can even elevate the shade by mixing in a little bit of pink lipstick. DIY lipstick shades always work like a dream! You can also use your brown lipstick for your smoky eye makeup looks, you can also use it for your lower lash line. Brown eye makeup looks classy and sober for work wear and meetings.


A gorgeous glossy purple lipstick isn’t very common, but you can use it in more than two ways and hence, having it in your daily makeup kit is essential. You can use your glossy purple lipstick as your lip colour on days when you plan to wear something feminine and floral, and on other days you can use this pretty shade as a funky eyeliner, you can also use your glossy purple lipstick as a colour corrector if you have yellow undertones. For medium and dusky skin tones, a pretty purple lipstick can also be used like a blush. And finally, a last one – you can also use your purple lipstick like a lip liner using a lipstick brush when you wear shades like dark pink, blush pink, maroon, burgundy or brown.


Now, you would say that this is a pretty unusual shade for your everyday look, but trust me, girl! There is nothing more elevating and mood-lifting than wearing red lipstick on a Monday morning! Red lipstick on gloomy days instantly kicks away the blues. All you need is your red lipstick and your black eyeliner on your upper lid and you are ready to rule the day. And on days when you’re running late and want to look presentable, just apply your concealer and your red lipstick in dots around your cheeks, Nose Bridge and mouth. Blend in both products and this will give your face an instant flushed glow. If you are someone with dark dusky skin then you can even use your red lipstick as a colour corrector. Who knew you could do so much with your red lipstick apart from using it on your lips?

Next time you go lipstick shopping, make sure you grab these lipstick shades. It doesn’t matter if you already own similar shades, a little retail therapy never harmed anyone! *winks*