How to master the art of airbrush makeup application?

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Whether you are looking for a perfect way of applying makeup application for your wedding day or just planning to have light makeup for a regular outing, you don’t need to be dependent upon the traditional method of makeup application using hand tools anymore. We are living in an always-evolving era and how can something as important and prominent as makeup can be left behind? Get ready to introduce yourself to the most flawless method of makeup application-airbrush makeup.

The way makeup is applied on the face has evolved a lot since its inception in 4000 BCE. From crushing wood and applying it on the face with bare hands to using highly technical makeup tools, we have come a long way. And there is no need to stop on hand application of foundation with sponges as we have stepped into the era of airbrush makeup application. 

Earlier, airbrush makeup application was considered opulent and that’s why they were confined to celebrities, movies, and songs only. But now, they have gained popularity among the masses as well and that’s why they have become ubiquitous in every wardrobe. 

Let’s know a bit more about airbrush makeup and learn how to master the art of makeup application using an airbrush machine. 

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup application is a unique method of applying makeup using a machine that is preloaded with makeup products and these makeup products are directly sprayed on the face instead of using hand tools like sponges and brushes to apply the makeup. 

One of the best things about airbrush makeup is it gives a flawless and smooth makeup finish that is always consistent throughout the face. And the best part is you don’t need to sit for days and months in front of the mirror to master this art as you do in the case of traditional makeup application. 

Even layering in the case of makeup becomes easy since you get lightweight spray on your face with impeccable evenness and therefore, even after multiple layers, you don’t feel like you are wearing another skin. Plus, the airbrush makeup stays longer and it is even sweatproof, weatherproof, and waterproof. 

Here is how you can learn how to use airbrush makeup

If you are new to airbrush makeup, you might feel like it will be difficult to get it right but believe me, it is much easier than the traditional makeup application that involves a sponge or a brush and other hand tools. Use these tips to get better at airbrush makeup application-

The right distance 

One of the first things that you should know about using a makeup airbrush is it should never be held too close to the face. When you hold the airbrush too close to the face, it can smear the makeup product all over your face and you will struggle to get an even and impeccable look. 

If you are using foundation, the airbrush should be held at least 4 inches away from the face and if you are using a stencil to apply lip liner with an airbrush, it should be held 1-2 inches away from the face. Always maintain a minimum of 2-inch distance from the face while using any kind of airbrush makeup tool. 

Do test runs 

If you have bought a makeup airbrush for the first time in your life and that too for a big day like your wedding, you should never unbox the airbrush makeup tool on the wedding day. It might take a couple of applications before you actually learn how to properly use the airbrush. This is why you should always do some test runs prior to the big day to get familiar with the method of makeup application. 

Keep it in motion 

Another thing that you must do while using airbrush makeup is to keep the airbrush in motion, just like car painters do while using a spray paint gun on cars. You can’t just switch on and switch off the spray instantly and then move to other parts of the face as this will ruin the layering of the makeup. 

As per the need, you might need to keep moving the airbrush in a circular motion or C motion. Never hold it still against your face. If you are not sure about how to use an airbrush for your bid day, you can always hire experts and save money on airbrush makeup kit.

Never forget to clean 

Just because you have a flawless finish and you are completely satisfied with the end results after using the airbrush makeup kit doesn’t mean you should pack the airbrush tools as they are in the box and leave for the event. If you want your airbrush to last long and if you don’t deal with any issues with its performance, you should properly clean it after every makeup session. 

You have to turn the machine on high to clean it properly. Just use lukewarm water in the cup, block the needle and pull back on the trigger or you can also leave it causing the lukewarm water to back flush automatically. 

Buy a good quality airbrush makeup kit 

Even if you are completely new to airbrush makeup application and purchase, you should spend some time understanding its functions and features. This will make you make a more informed decision and you will end up buying a quality airbrush makeup kit rather than getting scammed and griping about your decision later. 

A good quality airbrush makeup kit should be easy to use and it should come with options for customization for both light and full-makeup applications. Quality airbrush makeup application kits might be a bit expensive but they last longer and perform well. 

Airbrush makeup kits have resurfaced and they are again in the limelight. But if you are new to the airbrush makeup application, you can use this blog post as a guide and learn how to use the airbrush makeup tool properly.

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