Your Guide to 3 Different Types of Lingerie

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Let’s be real, lingerie is so much better than just normal bras and underwear. They are somehow more indulgent and feminine. There’s nothing like putting on a set and feeling the fullness of power and allure that a good lingerie set brings. Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes and is there to accentuate all your best features. Lingerie is also there for a little extra coverage on things you may feel a little insecure about. Either way, good lingerie is there to give you that extra boost of confidence to have you feeling your best. Lingerie exists as that one extra stroke of intentionality to put you right over the edge in all your bedroom encounters. Lingerie doesn’t have to be just reserved for the bedroom though. It can also be your secret weapon on a day at work when you need to feel like your most powerful self. No one has to know what’s under that business suit! Buying lingerie can also be a form of self-care. Who says a romantic partner has to be the one to buy you lingerie sets? Buy those cute sets for yourself girl! At the end of the day, the person who thrives from feeling confident and sexy is you.

Lingerie is a great way to feel secure about your body shape and highlight your best features. Whether you are a bit bustier or cheekier, lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes to produce the confidence boost you need to feel sexy in the bedroom. Choosing the best lingerie is a daunting task. Take inventory of what you feel are your best features, and what you want to show off to your partner. It might even be fun to take inventory of your partner’s favorite features of you and pick out a set of lingerie that is specifically catered to their wildest fantasies. Whatever the motivation you choose to pick out your best set, try to let yourself have fun with it! Choosing lingerie isn’t always as simple as picking a bra and briefs and heading to the checkout counter. Instead, there is a myriad of options, shapes, cuts, and styles that may leave you scratching your head. Not to worry though, we want this process to be fun and flirty for you, so we’ve done all the research for you ahead of time on the types of lingerie styles you may encounter when you walk into the shop. So without further ado, here is the ultimate guide to some of the different types of lingerie you might experience when on the hunt for your special garb.

1. Matching Sets

When people think of lingerie, the most common cut that comes to mind is often the matching top and bottom bra and underwear set. This bikini-style form of lingerie set can be fantastic for women who want to have diversity and flexibility within their top and bottom. If you want to accentuate your bust or cheekiness, here is a great opportunity to pick a top and a bottom that brings out your best qualities or gives a little lift if you’re going for a more elevated look. There are all different types of bra types and underwear styles to personalize a matching set to your taste. There’s a reason why a simple top and bottom matching set is the cult classic of lingerie. You seriously can’t go wrong.

2. A Babydoll

Known as something similar to a flimsy, sexy nightgown. A babydoll dress is nothing short of elegant, all while enhancing your figure and leaving you thinking about anything but bedtime. These sets are typically made out of silk or lace and flow flatteringly right from under the bra line. They are a style that seriously looks flattering on all body types. A perfect mix of a silky camisole and chemise, this lingerie dress is sure to have you feeling like your best self.

3. A Body Suit

The sexiest of all the one pieces out there to exist, a body suit is a cut of lingerie that looks good on every woman. Many women complain that they are insecure about their stomach, and wish it was flatter. And while you do not by any means have to have a flat stomach to be sexy, beautiful, and perfect in every way, many women say that having a body suit piece of lingerie on hand when they’re feeling a bit bloated allows them to still feel like their most confident self at all times, even after dinner time. Bodysuits also in many cases have lots of different cuts available, whether it’s a built-in push-up bra or a cheeky thong back.