What your sunglasses say about you

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Do you feel lucky? Are you blessed to live in a place where you get to wear stylish, quality sunglasses? Or are your pair of sun-shorted goggles just too hot, humid, or overcast to enjoy the outdoors? Because your social feeds might suggest you’re all lucky— but lucky only if your sunglasses are shining under the spotlight.

The problem is, these comfort-seeking solutions can come at a high cost. While pricey brands may provide quality eyewear at reasonable prices, their versions of quality may not be as appealing as they seem. If you’re looking for sunglasses that highlight your natural beauty and show off your sense of style, check out these types of glasses. They’ll let you show off your good side and prove that true fashion is about more than just a hairstyle. Let’s check what your sunglasses say about you.

1. Commanding and elegant look with Pilot

If you’re looking for sunglasses that provide a classic, sporty look but still let you sport a bold personality, check out some of the Pilot designs and brands available. These glasses have a classic, vintage look that’s sure to turn heads. This also includes models with a timeless design that will always look good no matter what your style. While the Pilot is known for its classic, stylish looks, it also comes in a variety of colourways. These glasses have a clean, simple design that’s sure to blend well with any wardrobe.

2. With Cat-Eye Glasses, bring out your inner iconoclast.

If you’re looking for a unique pair of sunglasses that don’t fit the classic mold, look no further. Cat-eye glasses are glasses with a cat-like eye shape that can be quite off-putting to the inexperienced eye. Cat-eye glasses are glasses with straight lenses that do not have any curves to them at all. They give the impression of being thicker and sturdier than they are. The round style is perhaps the most popular due to its versatility. Anywhere you wear round glasses, you’ll most likely see people wearing round cat-eye glasses. Since they are so simple and easy to wear, they go with just about anything.

3. For the Outdoor Enthusiast, Polarized

If you’re looking for shades that are particularly appealing when the sun is at its hottest, you may want to consider the polarized option. Polarized lenses are made up of multiple layers of strong, transparent material that can deflect harmful UV rays. This means that you get to enjoy the outdoors in the rays safely, without having to wear sunglasses all the time. There are many different types of polarized lenses. Some examples include polarizing sunglasses with anti-reflective coating, fashion glasses with UV400 protection, and sport polarized which are designed for driving and playing sports.

4. Round sunglasses exhibit supple sides

If you’re willing to sacrifice style for practicality, round sunglasses are the answer. Round sunglasses are often designed to look thicker and bulkier than they are, making them appear more rugged and handsome. They are often paired with square or rectangular face frames for a fashion statement that mixes well with many wardrobe colourways. Square, rectangular, and aviator styles of sunglasses are round types. The only difference is in the shape of the lenses.

5. Oversized for fashion remarks

Oversized sunglasses have long been a staple of retro style. They are often platform or stiletto style with a big, bold frame and oversized lenses. These days, there are various types of platforms and stiletto glasses available. The stiletto has a perfect 50/50 lens merger and a very deep frame. These glasses may cost more, but they’re sure to look like the part in your collection.

6. Square frames for a serious attitude

If you’re looking for the most neutral frame possible, a square frame is the way to go. They usually come in black, but there are many different colour options as well. These frames don’t matter too much about the way you look at all because you’re not going to spend much time looking in any one direction.


If you’ve been looking for sunglasses that are both fashionable and functional, look on SmartBuyGlasses CA. These are the glasses for you. From classic aviators to overwhelming cat-eye glasses, the lenses in these glasses can be customized to suit your eyes. And with so many different styles and colour options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair for your face.

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