What Does Emporio Armani Diamonds Aftershave Smell Like?

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One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are buying perfume or aftershave is buying it based on what the bottle looks like. Of course, when it is an interesting shape or colour, you will instantly be drawn to it. But, you have to remember that it is what is inside that bottle that matters.

Big brand names are also going to attract your attention. Sometimes, this can be permitted and it is worth paying attention to what is trending. But, you still have to do your own investigation to make sure that you are going to like that fragrance.

For example, the packaging of Emporio Armani Diamonds for men is eye-catching and classy. What’s more, everyone knows Emporio Armani as it is a famous brand from Italy. But, does this Eau de Toilette really live up to all of the hype? Let’s find out what it smells like so that you can find out.

Do Men Like Emporio Armani Diamonds?

 When it comes to Eau de Toilettes, it is fair to say that Emporio Armani Diamonds for men is up there with one of the most popular. If you look online, it has a lot of good reviews and it is available to purchase from many stores. For instance, you can get it from The reason that a lot of men like this fragrance is because it smells masculine and makes them feel attractive.

There is no doubt that men like spicy wood types of fragrances. This is exactly what you can enjoy with Emporio Armani Diamonds. A lot of men like to wear it for nights out and special occasions. But, it can be used at any time when you want to smell good and enjoy a confidence boost. As a popular Eau de Toilette, it is going to be a nice level of noticeable without being overpowering. Of course, just make sure that you only use a few sprays. The last thing you want is for the scent to be dominating. Indeed, spicy wood fragrances are enjoyable when they are subtle and natural.

What Does the Aftershave Smell Like?

Of course, we have said that Emporio Armani Diamonds for men is a spicy wood scent. But, let’s break it down and look at all of the ingredients so that you can really understand what it smells like before you buy it.

Top Notes

Scents are made in layers so that you can enjoy different elements of a fragrance. First, you have the top notes. This is what a scent is going to open with and the first things you can going to smell.

The first top note in Emporio Armani Diamonds is bergamot. This adds an interesting texture to the scent, which includes a citrus fragrance. It is known to be refreshing and sweet, but not an ingredient that is to overpowering. So, this is why a lot of men like to wear this scent when they need a confidence lift.

Of course, we have mentioned that this is a spicy fragrance. Indeed, this is why the top note of pepper has been added. It has an earthy spice that is masculine and interesting. Indeed people describe it as hot and fresh.

Heart Notes

Next up, you are going to have the heart notes. The ingredients gain this name because they are described as being at the heart of an Eau de toilette. Once the top notes fade, you will really notice the heart notes.

The heart notes that are used in Emporio Armani Diamonds are cocoa beans. As you would expect, this adds a chocolate-like scent to the perfume. It brings some sweetness and familiarity, which also has a masculine feel to it.

Base Notes

Once all of the other ingredients have been enjoyed, you can notice the base notes. They add some depth to a fragrance and are what is going to last for several hours.

The base notes that you should be aware of in Emporio Armani Diamonds are vetiver and guaiac wood. Both of them combine to help create the spicy and woody aroma that men enjoy from this fragrance.

In particular, vetiver has a masculine scent. It is woody and dry, which brings a warm element to this fragrance. Then, there is guaiac wood, which has a musky tone. This is a popular scent with men and it works well for a base note. Indeed, it will last several hours.

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