What To Wear To A Rave

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Wear To A Rave

When choosing an outfit to go to the rave with, you must do proper research since rave outfits are unlike all other outfits. When choosing this particular outfit, it’s your time to go all out and be as crazy as you can. When you do not know what to go out with, you can opt for bright colours, extraordinary prints and intoxicating outfits. Moreover, rave outfits give you a chance to express yourself wildly. If you’re a first-time raver looking for an outfit, it can be a bit difficult, but you can ask your friends what they would wear to a rave and get your ideas from there.

Some of the women’s outfits to wear to a rave include the following;


Kandi is one of the most common accessories to add to your rave outfit. They are brightly beaded bracelets, and they have been designed for people so that they could give them away, spreading peace, love, unity and respect. Since people saw that Kandi is quite common in most raves, they changed their dynamics and started making Kandi necklaces, masks and clothing. Giving out Kandi is a great way to make friends and connect with fellow ravers.

Choose bold colours

Raves are the best place to play with various colours. You could play along with colors from your tops to your high heels. Choose the best outfit and have a memorable time at the rave. You could go for UV, Neons, metallic and trippy prints. Moreover, you could add a flashy corset or glittery fishnets.

Put on noise-reducing earplugs

Races are the best places to have fun and enjoy music; however, the music can be too loud. Most raves reach noise levels of 100 decibels, and when you expose your ears to this noise, you may lose your hearing abilities. Investing in oise-reducing earplugs can protect your hearing all day and all night.  Ensure you get yourself noise-reducing earplugs so that you can enjoy yourself without damaging your ears.

Rave glasses

Rave glasses are great for both day and night because of the intense lasers, strobe lights and all the visuals produced. When you wear race glasses, you will protect your vision from all the flashy lights, and you will also look classy too. There are special visual glasses that you can purchase, and they will add class to your outfit.

Holographic outfit

Holographic apparel combines colours and creates a stunning outfit resembling stars and shines when sunlight or spotlights bounce off it, catching and shimmering.

Glitter dress

A brightly coloured glitter dress at a rave or carnival enhances visibility and self-confidence. This style is popular for expressing personality and conveying identity, making you stand out.


Choosing a race outfit can be harder than choosing outfits for normal parties. Even if it’s hard you can go with anything, you could go with a co ord sets, dresses, skirts, trousers and crop tops as long as they are in bright colours. From the outfits above, you can choose something that goes with your style.

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