The Three Best Books To Read On Meditation

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There are many aims why you may be looking at getting into meditation, particularly in this day and age, when stress and anxiety really can hit you out of the blue.

Over the last few ages, more and more of us are suffering with mental health problems, with the likes of anxiety, depression and addiction rife. In fact, in the case of the latter, there have been a large amount of reports showing a staggering increase in alcohol addiction since the beginning of the pandemic.

What that’s leading to, is more people seeking treatment at addiction treatment centres, and a major part of overcoming such battles, whether that be addiction or any other form of problem with our mental wellbeing, is through calming and stress relieving techniques. And one of the very best is meditation.

Meditation can be hugely valuable to people’s lives, and getting started and seeing the benefit of it is so much easier these days, with a wealth of books out there to help. That’s why we’ve decided to collate three of our favourites for you to read…

The Miracle of Mindfulness

Written by Thich Nhat Hanh, The Miracle of Mindfulness is one of the ultimate meditation books and focuses on mindfulness. Hanh writes about living in the moment and giving your full attention not just during meditation sessions, but also when outside of practicing, such as when doing day-to-day chores.

It’s a relatively short read and a great book to pick up and get to graps of what you should look to be experiencing by being mindful.

What the Buddha Taught

Many look to Buddhism as the birthplace of meditation and Walpola Rahula delves into the teachings in the religion without being overly preachy. It’s a great book to learn some of Buddhism’s most useful philosophies and it comes with a range of illustrations to describe various concepts.

It’s another great book for beginners and some of the key lessons you’ll take from it is to just ensure that you live in the present.

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindful Meditation in Everyday Life

This is a fantastic book that wil guide you through the process of being able to meditate daily. Written by Jon Kabat-Zin, the book lays out an easy to follow pathway to completely revolutionise your daily routine and make meditation and mindfulness a key part of it.

If you are looking to start meditating and improve your mental wellbeing, this is the perfect starting point.

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