The Exclusive Guide to Women Leather Jacket Styles

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Women’s leather jackets have always been iconic wear for a few years now, and since a while, many women have started investing in Leather bomber jacket women as it is the perfect trendsetter and can be a great addition to the wardrobe.

Leather bomber jacket women can be styled all year round as a leather jacket never disappoints and can be the ideal outerwear for many. Bomber Leather Jacket for Women can help you bring out your inner fashionista and put the perfect finishing touch to any outfit you style. Moreover, if you want help to come up with a few ideas on styling outfits with leather jackets, this blog can be the perfect guide for you.

1.    With Basic Jeans and Top

Trust us when we say you can never go wrong when you style a leather jacket for women with basic jeans and a top. Whether you are heading out for lunch with dinner, are in the mood to shop, orfeel like dressing up basic, the best option can be to style a basic white t-shirt and blue jeans with a black leather jacket. If you want a cool look, you can tuck in your white t-shirt and as well as leave it out. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with some necklace or chains, as they will look cool as well.

2.    With a Dress

A bomber leather jacket with a dress can be a cool style statement for women who want to look fashionable and remain warm at the same time. If you are living in a cold or windy place, then that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a dress. You just need to know how you can do that. Pull out a printed or plain dress from your wardrobe, put on a leather jacket on top of it, and then complete the fit look with a pair of high-heeled boots.

3.    With a Turtleneck

Do you want to try out a unique and relaxed aesthetic as you head out for coffee early in the morning? Well, then make turtlenecks your best friend. When you have 5 minutes to put your look together, you can wear a comfortable pair of baggy or mom jeans from your closet, match a turtleneck with it, and then drape the leather jacket over your shoulders. If you want an all-white look, you could wear white sneakers underneath the outfit you have put together. Don’t forget to put on a pair of shades before you head out in the sun.

4.    With a Crop Top

If you want to dress up in the spring and summer season, then what could be better than styling your crop top with a leather bomber jacket women? A crop will not only give you a different outfit look, but it can look summery, casual, and laid back when you want to head out and not do much with your look. You can style your crop top with a pair of skinny jeans or high-waisted ones as well for a proper look. Don’t forget to accessorize this outfit of yours with a p-cap, a choker necklace, and some rings for a chic and effortless look. If comfort is your priority, then a pair of sneakers will do great.

5.    With a Pencil Skirt

Are you exploring options for your work fit and want to style something that is elegant, modest, and warm at the same time? Well, for the perfect office look, you can easily style a leather pencil skirt with a bomber leather jacket. Pick a plain shirt from your closet, either white or baby pink, and tuck it in while you style it with a black leather pencil skirt. Pull on some warm leggings and wrap a muffler around your neck in style as you head out to conquer the day. If it is extremely cold where you live and is snowing, matching leather gloves and boots are a must-have for you.

6.    With Tights and a T-Shirt

If you are a female who is into comfortable clothes, then we are sure that you would want to style something that is effortless, doesn’t need any ironing, and you can be ready within minutes. Well, the tights and t-shirt that you have somewhere in your closet, it is time that you pull those out. Put on your white t-shirt, black tights, and then for the outerwear, get a black leather jacket that you can wear on top of it. Also, when you are styling this look, you can pull your hair into a ponytail and then head off to wherever you are going.

7.    With a Button-Down Shirt and Formal Pants

Office looks can be quite boring if you don’t pay attention to them or don’t put in the extra effort. If you want to appear elegant with your look, then you will have to do something that compliments your personality and goes well with your office formal clothing expectations.

Instead of sticking to the same old black leather jacket, you could invest in a brown or tan jacket as well. Get wide-legged white jeans, a plain button-down shirt, and a dark brown bomber leather jacket on top.

Moreover, if you want to appear stunning, then investing in accessorize and shoes will be a must. For accessorize, you should stick to a watch, sunglasses, and maybe some small hoops earrings with your hair pulled back in a bun. Don’t forget to put on some heels, as they are the ideal combination for formal outfits.

Parting Note

There are many different bomber leather jacket colors and designs that you might have to choose from, so make sure you invest in one that suits your style and personality. A black leather jacket can be one of the most versatile choices you make as it goes well with almost all outfits and has a formal look. We hope that the different dress-up styles mentioned above were of benefit to you and you were able to figure out which one you would be interested in styling.

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