Super Bowl Outfit Ideas

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The Super Bowl is the most unifying annual event that happens within the borders of the United States. It also generates revenue windfalls for multiple sectors, among which the hospitality industry sees the most benefit. According to BeerBoard, the food and beverage tech company, draught beer sales across the nation jumped 41% for the 2022 championship NFL game compared to 2021, and Super Bowl weekend traditionally sees more than a 90% occupancy rate in its host city hotels. Moreover, in recent years, high-end concierge companies have reported that luxury spending for Bowl parties has gone through the roof.

These days, the conclusion of the NFL’s game schedule is not something that only football fans enjoy but an event that people of all social layers, demographics, and creeds look forward to every year. The championship game has morphed into something more than a sporting contest. So much so that fashion is now a typical Super Bowl prop bet offered every year. It has become a cultural phenomenon, and music festivals, communal viewings, and various parties get organized in the wake of the last match of the football season.

According to a new Prospect Insights & Analytics and NRF joint poll, more than 192 million American adults plan to watch the Super Bowl in 2023, and 103 million of these individuals will do so at a home party, while almost 18 million will go to a restaurant or bar. So, if you plan on conforming and soaking in some funny ads, a likely dazzling Rihana halftime show, and a battle on the field with others, here are a few outfit ideas to consider.

Denim on Denim

If you are not a massive sports fan and hate sporting paraphernalia, you want to avoid looking too fancy. A comfort classic is denim-on-denim. Many fashion stylists claim that pairing denim with more denim is a simple method to create an elevated look that is chic yet not pretentious. The tried-and-tested mix for this outfit genre is blending a jean bottom with a denim jacket (known as the Canadian tuxedo) or a long-sleeved button-up shirt. Those feeling frisky can spice things up with a chunky-sole option or throw in cowboy boots. But casual sporty sneakers work fine. Women thinking about heading to a bar for the big game but who want to remain neutral in their fandom, only seeking to socialize, can go right with denim-on-denim.

The Chill Layered-Look

Here is another idea for females who want to appear relaxed and trendy. As most know, layered clothing is a technique that involves wearing garments on top of each other. Thus, this opens the doors for those who have never really wanted to wear a jersey but now have an excuse to throw one on, mixing it in with a preexisting outfit to create something novel. We suggest popping on a Chiefs or Eagles kit (depending on who you support) over a colorful hoodie and some jeans. A tie-dye one would work wonderfully if that is something you own, and maybe some boiler pants if you have them. Low boots or sneakers can get added to complete this voguish fan style.

How About a T-Shirt Dress

Super Bowl viewers that live in the hotter parts of the US should take advantage of the opportunity to test out how they look in a t-shirt dress if they have never donned such clothing. For those out of the long, a tee dress is a more extended version of a women’s t-shirt. However, that is only the bare-bones definition of this attire. Various iterations of t-shirt dresses exist. Some exude elegance and go terrifically with sneakers. So, individuals that do not vibe with sports gear can visit a Bowl party looking graceful and cozy by putting on a t-shirt dress. Just avoid black ones or overly formal colors, like deep reds. It is best to go with unsaturated ones that may have subtle patterns and give off a sense of texture.

Go Down the Athleisure Route

Have you heard of athleisure? You may not know the term but have likely seen the style. It is a type of hybrid athletic clothing customarily worn as everyday wear. Common elements include sneakers, tights, yoga pants, shorts, and running jackets. It is a fashion trend that aims to be aesthetically appealing while delivering comfort. If you exercise, you likely have some of the clothing rattled off above in your closet. Combine some of them, then include a woolen jacket and a baseball hat, and you are ready to go.

Be Football Crazy

Hey, it is the Super Bowl. There is no shame in drenching yourself in merchandise from your favorite team. If you are an Eagles or Chiefs fan, go all out. Put on a jersey, hat, and a giant foam finger if you have one or can buy this ridiculous accessory. Be a walking billboard of your team, and pridefully show everyone who you are supporting.