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Scalp Massager WRITE FOR USScalp massagers are the ultimate must-have beauty tool. Not only are they incredibly soothing, but they also help exfoliate your scalp to loosen product build-up and dead skin. Using a scalp massager is also said to unclog the pores, allowing more nutrients to reach the follicle for healthier, stronger hair. So if you sleep with it, you need to have one asap for several reasons.

If a gentle approach to dandruff-free scalp and hair growth is calling your name, a scalp massager is the shower companion you need. The best part? They are inexpensive, so that they won’t break your wallet.

hair type:

Before buying a scalp massager, check which hair type it best suits. It is

Remember: Not all scalp massagers are suitable for showering. So be sure to read the well print before you buy, especially if it’s an electric or battery-powered device. This is mainly to ensure it’s waterproof before you put it in the shower unless you prefer a dry scalp massager. Remember that dry scalp massagers are often more about relaxation and tension relieving than the actual benefits of a scalp exfoliation.

hair problem:

While most in-the-shower scalp massagers offer the same benefits, some are better suited to other needs. For example, scalp massagers are designed to minimize build-up if you have severe dandruff. If you have dehydrated hair and want to use moisturizing treatments regularly, a massager that you can fill with this treatment for optimal effectiveness is a great option.

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