How Not to Do Indoor Cycling

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Are you new to Indoor cycling? Many people who try out their new bikes tend to over perform on their first few days. This might seem good at first, but as you progress through the week, you will find yourself getting exhausted and bored of the routine.

You can prevent all that and do a lot more though. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit your training bike tomorrow.

Cycling Without a Specific Goal

The rookie mistake everyone makes at first is cycling without a specific goal. A goal might be a targeted weight loss, or a specific muscle to get toned by the end of the month. You need to set your goals and write them down first.

However, you have an easy choice for this now, the Vingo App. The app is an online work-out platform which will transform your exercise into an adventure. It uses virtual reality to provide you with stunning visuals, all the while you cycle indoors. The app also allows for you to set your targets and goals, which you can seamlessly follow through without missing a day.

Continuous or Excessive Cycling In a Day

Any exercise, let alone cycling, when done vigorously can lead to severe problems. Excessive cycling in a single day, without proper training, can lead to a high cardiac stress. This can even lead to sudden cardiac arrests & become fatal sometimes. This is why you need to check your pace while you cycle. 

With the Vingo app, you can try Online cycling, where you can get into the virtual world and cycle with a peaceful mind. You will be exercising, but you won’t feel the stress and strain of the exercise.

Usage of Substandard Cycling Equipment

The next big problem with many cyclists is using sub-standard equipment. You need a good functioning training bike to train. You might know this already, but, using old and repaired equipment to train your body, might lead to mis-shaped muscles and irregular postures.

However, if you use good equipment, you can be sure you won’t face any troubles. With Vingo, the Indoor cycling app, you won’t have to worry about your equipment’s age. As long as it is in perfect condition, you can get the best out of the app.

Working Out Without Friends

Try to include your friends and family in your cycling routine. This is good, because you have a support group with you who can help you push your limits every day. You will never gain slack and you won’t feel alone while you work-out. With an app like Vingo, you can even challenge them towards a fitness goal if you want.

With Vingo, You Have an Overall Good Cycling Experience

Vingo is the best bike training app available right now, and you can do a lot more than cycle with it. You can explore the whole world from your home, you can meet new people, and make new friends online. So, go ahead and transform your exercise with Vingo.


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