How to Give Yourself an Energy Boost to Get Through the Day

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Who hasn’t woken up in the morning and felt as though they still need a good few hours in bed? Whether you are a night owl or an early bird does not matter. Everyone needs an energy boost every now and then. The best way to stay energized is to focus on the first part of your day. How you spend your first waking moments can majorly impact your energy levels for the rest of the day. Here are a few pointers to help you stay energized and productive all day long.

A Positive Mindset

Many people start their day by turning off the (many) alarms on their phones and reading messages and emails they may have missed while they slept. Unfortunately, this sets the wrong tone for the day and can fill you with dread and worry as soon as you wake up. Instead of scrolling through your phone, try to be mindful of everything you have in life that fills you with gratitude and think positive thoughts.

Clear Your Mind

Meditation or writing in a gratitude journal are both excellent ways to begin a day. Those not practicing mindfulness, especially early in the morning, might find it difficult to clear their mind for the day ahead. Some people take CBD products to help them gain clarity and stay focused. Nectar Medical Vapes have a range of products that have been infused with CBD. These products include gummies, capsules, oils, and balms. Before taking a new CBD product, it is important to do your research. If in doubt, consult your physician before use.

Take a Supplement

Besides products made with CBD, plenty of health and wellness supplements are formulated to give you an energy boost. If you are already in the habit of taking supplements, make sure you are taking them at the best time possible. Some supplements are designed to be taken before exercise, such as pre-workout. In contrast, others can be taken just before bed. Regarding general vitamins, evidence shows that they work best when taken early in the day. Digestion slows down while you sleep. Therefore, taking your everyday supplements, such as B vitamins, E vitamins, and zinc, in the morning is better for absorption. Additionally, you can do some vitamin testing to see what’s lacking behind and what should be improved.

Enjoy the Sunshine

It is no secret that natural sunlight can work wonders on the mood. It helps trigger serotonin production, which can induce feelings of calmness and boost your mood naturally. A natural dose of vitamin D not only brightens the mood but can also improve cognition, boost bone and eye health, and elevate sleep quality. When spending time outdoors, make sure you use sunscreen to protect your skin. High-quality sunscreen that’s rated SPF 50 or higher can reduce the risk of developing sun spots, sunburn and protect you against skin cancer. Long-sleeved clothes, a sun hat, and sunglasses can give you even more protection from the negative effects of excessive exposure to the sun, and they also save your eyes.

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