How to Choose the Perfect Sports Bra

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A recent study by the Shock Absorber Sports Institute (SASI) at Portsmouth University found that 9.5 million women in the UK do not adequately support their breasts when they run. Perhaps you are one of them.

This post will discuss all you need to know about how your bra for sports should fit and support you when you run, even though we’ve compiled a list of the finest bras for running.

1. Find the right bra type

There are three different types of sports bras for fitness and athletics, so choose the one that best fits you.

Your favorite store’s active wear and sports wear area has three different sports bras for women. Combination, encapsulation, and compression

  • If you have petite breasts, go with a compression fitness bra.
  • Wear an encapsulated fitness bra if you engage in intense workouts or have huge breasts.
  • Use a combo fitness bra if you want proper compression and complete support.

Low-impact sports bras are generally thinner in material and often cut like crop tops when worn for stretching or walking. Medium-impact sports bras, a hybrid of the two, can occasionally be used for jogging but are frequently unsuitable for women with larger busts. High-impact bras (for running) are made of less elastic material, have supporting seams and overlays, and may even have underwires.

Compared to many other sports, running significantly increases breast movement. Although the amount of support needed varies depending on bra size, you should choose the highest level of support regardless of your size.

2. Look for straps that can be adjusted

If you enjoy using pullover bras, you are taking a significant risk because there is no way to tighten the straps, and after a few uses, the straps lose their flexibility. Therefore, it would help if you searched for an adjustable strap that appropriately supports your breasts.

3. Select a bra that fits your cup size

Sports bras typically come in small, medium, and large sizes. But don’t you believe a bra intended to support your breasts while you hop up and down needs to be less generic? Therefore, to prevent spills and ensure you receive the proper assistance, always look for a brand that offers appropriate cup sizes.

4. Find a bra with the correct panels and bands

Your breasts are supported by the bottom band, while the side and back panels prevent leakage. Moreover, they aid you in selecting a proper fit.

The bottom band of your sports bra should be detachable from the centre by at least half an inch. If you can pull this off, you’ve met your match. If not, try the next size up.

5. Get a bra with a soaking wick

It’s normal to sweat when working out. And if you don’t search for a bra with an appropriate breathable wick or soaking mechanism, prepare for chafing and rashes.

6. Purchase both high-impact and low-impact bras

Nobody bra accomplishes everything. So, you can wear a low-impact bra if it’s a yoga or Pilates day. You must wear a high-impact bra to protect your breasts from all the action during fitness training and other high-intensity workouts.

7. Never forget to try the bra in the fitting room

This is the tried-and-true principle that should always guide you when purchasing a bra. Make sure to perform a few jumping jacks or push-ups after donning a bra to ensure the bra is snug, has minor leaking, and has optimum support.


How can I choose the perfect sports bra? We hope you now have your answer. It may be hard to choose the right sports bra at first, but you’ll find it more convenient if you have the correct information. Use the tips discussed in this post when shopping for your sports bras.

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