How To Get Off To A Great Start To The Day: 7 Simple Tips

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Great start to a day. How? When you wake up in the morning, think about what a precious privilege it is to live: to breathe, to think, to have fun, to love.”

Marcus Aurelius “Every morning, we are reborn, and what we do today is the most important thing.”

It is still dark when the alarm bell rings. You pull up the curtains, and the world is waiting for you outside the window.

When you get out of bed and stumble into the shower, a new day begins. So how can we increase the likelihood that it will be a good day, even a great day?

Well, in my experience, what you do early in the morning often sets the tone for the rest of the day. So let’s share seven simple tips that have helped you create both a better morning and a day.

1. Plan The Night Before.

Put only one or three of the most important things you want to do on your to-do list.

Keeping the list very limited makes it easier to do what matters most.

And I know I’ve always been adding to my long to-do list, trying not to start procrastinating by performing some of the less critical, often simple tasks.

2. Prepare The Night Before to Great Start

Reduce morning stress by incorporating simple details that don’t get in the way of the night before.

Pack the bag.

Prepare and pack lunch.

If you don’t already have a key or wallet, leave it at home so you can quickly find and grab it before you leave the door.

3. Place A Simple Reminder On The Bedside Table.

What you see in the first few minutes after you wake up can have a considerable impact in the morning and as an extension of that day, in my experience.

So try putting a small note with reminders on your bedside table.

Here are three things you can put on that note:

That is one of your favourite quotes.

Robust and timeless quotes are one of the easiest ways to recharge your mind with positive emotions and find valuable perspectives.

So write down one of your favourite quotes. If you need help, here’s a list of 101 about happiness.

Set a low bar for happiness. I love this simple reminder, tell yourself, “I’ll set the standard for happiness low today.”

And the rest of the day, I have that idea in mind whenever I can.

It helps me appreciate the little everyday things I take for granted, such as putting a roof overhead or getting good food.

It remains positive and makes it easier to find easy happiness throughout the day.

Write down the most important reasons.

Here’s a simple exercise I use to recharge my motivation again.

It involves finding the most profound and personal reasons you want to make a positive change in your life.

Writing down these most important reasons on the bedside table will make the start of the day more robust and easier to get on the right track from the moment you get out of bed.

4. Go Slowly to Great Start

Starting the day slowly and continuing things slower makes it easier to keep away from stress. In addition, it makes it easier to focus on what you’re doing and remember priorities.

The slower you go, the longer you spend staying at the moment, so you’ll feel less damaging.

And my attention is unintentionally inward-looking towards what has happened in the past and may happen in the future, but outwardly focused, so I am more grateful for the everyday things in life.

If you start your day slowly, you may worry that this slow pace will reduce your day’s work.

But at the end of the day, I find myself accomplishing more most of the time.

Because I did well at first and then slower, I tend to spend less energy-draining emotions or to turn my attention between many things.

That’s why I spend more energy on what matters to me in the last hours of work.

5. Put Some Positive Information In Mind At Breakfast.

Start your day with something that won’t let you down or make you feel powerless to change your life or world in a small or big way.

For example, add uniqueness inspiration and optimism.

Listen to motivational podcasts.

Read chapters from books that inspire you.

Watch motivational or uplifting videos on Youtube.

6. Start Working On The Most Critical Tasks.

Find the essential tasks in the minimal to-do list you’ve created. Then, do it first when the workday begins.
This job is often challenging in my experience, so it tends to be procrastinating.

If you feel that urge, you stay still and don’t do anything. The most potent part of the urge to check and procrastinate email and Facebook goes through very quickly.

When the worst is over, take yourself easy instead of trying to push yourself hard.

Tell yourself that you only have a minute or three to tackle this critical task. You can then stop if you want.

But once you start, you may not want to do it. It seems to be the case with me most of the time.

Because in most cases, it’s the most challenging part to get started.

7. Create The Correct String.

To think that it’s the right thing to do what you believe sincerely will make you feel better. It boosts your self-esteem and puts spring at your feet for over an hour.

I like to do it is to create something I like to call a string of the right one.

Do what you think deeply. Could you do it now?

Give genuine and encouraging compliments to someone at work or in your life. Help anyone who seems lost in directions. Organize your workspace for 2 minutes.

Go, and it works. Then add another thing that you think is correct. Eat apples instead of unhealthy snacks.

Find a kinder and more understanding perspective when you want to judge someone in life, on tv or in a newspaper. Instead, smile and ask (and hear back) how someone’s day is going.

Then add another one and one more thing.

To boost your energy and the positive feelings you have about yourself and your life, make a small string that does the right thing, for example, between 10-30 minutes.

Keep the strings going all day as long as possible.

Once you’ve added the correct one to the string, no matter how small it is, it will always take a few seconds to pause and evaluate the good things you’ve done.

It increases the inner positive mood and motivates you to add another one to your string. So don’t worry if you fold the series. Please don’t hit me. Take a deep breath and start a new string instead.

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