Facial Wrinkles – Introduction, Types and More

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Many different skin problems begin to appear at age, including the most common facial wrinkles, concentrated in the front, around the eyes, and the mouth in particular. Learn about facial wrinkles and ways to prevent them in the following:

Types Of Facial Wrinkles

Different types of facial wrinkles must be distinguished from each other, which are as follows:

1. Dynamic Wrinkles

This type of facial wrinkle appears in the front when you frown, surprise, or feel pain and disappear after your face is restored to normal.

In addition to front wrinkles, you notice this type of wrinkle around the eye, specifically when you make any expressions. It is because the facial muscles push the skin together, causing it to accumulate and wrinkles to appear.

2. Static Wrinkles

These are the wrinkles that remain in the face years after you have the same facial expressions, which we have explained earlier; this type of wrinkle also appears in the following cases:

Exposure to sunlight.


Some diseases are associated with ageing.

3. Wrinkle Folds

As you age, the skin develops less elastic, and wrinkle folds appear in the jaw area, deep in the nose and cheeks.

These wrinkles also appear in the neck area, especially in women.

Causes Of Facial Wrinkles

Many reasons can lead to wrinkles, namely:

1. Ageing

The skin loses bounciness due to reduced collagen making within the body, and the frequency of division of skin and skin cells decreases and damage is repaired.

2. Exposure To Sunlight

although sun exposure is essential and beneficial, it should not be overstated, as this may adversely affect collagen and skin health.

3. Smoking

One of the most important causes of facial wrinkles is the narrowing of blood vessels in the skin, thus reducing the flow of blood circulation and the appearance of wrinkles.

Prevention Of Facial Wrinkles

There are some preventive ways to reduce the risk of facial wrinkles of various types, including:

1. Stop Doing Expressions Frequently

Doing some facial expressions frequently increases the risk of facial wrinkles, so it’s best to pay attention to them and not repeat them. However, there are certain facial exercises, also known as “face yoga”, which can help contribute to anti-aging efforts.

2. Stay Away From Tanning Beds

In recent years, the use of artificial tanning beds has spread significantly, but unfortunately, it is one of the most important causes of skin wrinkles.

This family exposes you to UV rays for a long time, affecting collagen in the skin and skin elasticity.

3. Choose The Proper Sleep Position

Did you know that some sleep positions may cause a higher risk of facial wrinkles?

So try to sleep on the back and not stay for long hours on just one side.

It is necessary to achieve the correct number of hours of sleep each night so that the skin can repair the damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Skincare

You should follow some ways to help you with skincare, the most important of which are:

Wash your face twice a day with the proper wash for your skin.

Wash the face when sweating directly.

Avoid scratching the skin vigorously and even gently patting it.

Use alcohol-free skin lotion.

Moisturize the face twice a day with the right moisturizer for your skin type.

Stay away from the sun during the day.

Use the sunscreen with an appropriate protective agent.

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