Diving Into Men’s Fashion: 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Suit for You

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Most people assume that you’re good enough for the party or work as long as you can fit into a suit and wear them comfortably. However, wearing a suit is more than just buying a random piece; suits are complex pieces that need to be detailed and perfect for the wearer.

Fortunately, we compiled the best tips for you relative to your size and social setting. See our expert advice here and understand the benefits of giving your suit extra attention to detail.

Understanding The Value of Suits

For men, having a suit is as important as building a complex machine, which takes time. Some parts may not work well, and the best builds often last longer than mediocre ones.

Suits are a timeless classic that exudes style, confidence, and personality, which can only be achieved by combining good subtle changes and wearing suits that are made to measure your likeness to pull off a confident look that will never go boring. With that said, here’s our first tip.

Tip #1: Offline or Online?

Buying suits in online stores or physical retail shops has its own benefits. Shopping online lets you select at your own pace, and some suits are cheaper than retail. However, sizes can vary between the photos presented and the actual item.

Alternatively, shopping in stores allows you to dig deeper in detail and have your specifications. Plus, most stores have a dedicated expert to suggest designs based on your personality, purpose, and body type.

Overall, it boils down to your preference; if you have more time, you can check suits online, research, and make requests under your roof. But if you need a proper suit done fast and want to check up close and personal, then going to physical shops is the suggested action.

Tip #2: Budgeting

Suits are an investment and cannot be as cheap as casual shirts in most shops. That said, your final suit is also based on how much you are willing to spend on quality and personal detail. To help you with that, there are three categories of suits that you can check based on your budget.

Off The Rack

Off the rack, items are primarily suits, usually hanging and displayed in stores. They feature various pre-made designs, fabrics, and shapes, which most people settle with. Some stores even offer discounted deals and freebies.

Off the rack, suits are great for people with a tight budget as they come with cheaper fabric and are mass-produced.

Custom Made or Measured Suits

This category contains suits that are made to measure your body size and fit well with it. Buying a custom-made suit means working with your tailor for your size, details, and requests, like the number of buttons, tightness of cuffs, and other specifications you may need. And they also consider the rest of your outfit, like accessories, shoes, and ties, to pick the best design.

Bespoke Suits

Bespoke means the highest commercial quality suits fine-tailored to your liking. Bespoke suits are often offered to people with hefty budgets. Tailors take time to create intricate suits with the best fabrics to represent the wearer and the tailor’s artistic work.

Simply put, consider bespoke suits as a work of art valuable to the most detailed oriented buyers.

Tip #3: Neckwear

Classically, suits are paired with ties to fit the ensemble together. Darker colored ties are mostly a safe choice because they pair well with most colored suits, especially black suits. Colors like red, dark green, or purple are good examples.

If you’re adventurous, you can get ties with extra features like repeating patterns like dots or stripes and bright-colored ties, which are perfect for formal parties. Just make sure it compliments your suit and shirt well.

Tip #4: Add Accessories

Accessories are not required to complete your set. But choosing the best ones will surely level up your style. Typically, you only want the minimum number of accessories like watches or belts. Suits with solid colors are best paired with a classic watch with a dark brown or black strap. Metal straps are also suitable for black and dark-colored suits.

As for belts, always match them with the color and leather of your shoes. Remember, simplicity is the key!

Tip #5: Get a Nice Haircut

With your piece finally complete, all that remains is a fresh cut to bring the best look and stand out with your suit. Keep your hair tidy, facial hair shaved clear or appropriately trimmed, and apply an excellent product to keep your hair set and formal.

Final Thoughts:

Suits are an investment, and they are pieces of fashion that need a touch of personality to work. By getting good measurements, fabric, detail, and accessories, you will surely get the most out of your money and time building your suit that will last long in your closet.

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