Detox – Introduction, What is Detox? and More

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Most of us have tried dieting detox at least once in our lives. The idea of cleansing ourselves of toxins, unhealthy food and pollution seem attractive. But what’s the scientific truth behind detoxification in this way, and does it make us healthier?

What is a Detox?

There is no single diet for diets, but a wide variety of diets that claim to be detoxified from the body. dr Veronique chachai, a nutritionist from the University of Queensland, says:

The diet includes everything from injection and colonic treatment and detoxification by drinking lemon juice or fasting water to isolate particular groups of food, herbal cleansing, large doses of supplements, sweat huts, and many other things.

What do you claim to do?

Detox diets have one thing in mutual: they all claim to detoxify the body. However, these toxins may come from different sources and dr. chachai says that external sources of toxins include:

Molecules produced by bread, deep frying, charcoal barbecue, as well as alcohol and preservatives added in processed foods… then we have medicines, tobacco, exposure to environmental pollutants. And many other things.”

Dr Tim Crowe, a nutritionist from thinkin’ Notre dame, said:

“it is believed that the accumulation of toxins is the main cause of weight gain, constipation, puffing, abdominal gases, poor digestion, burning, diarrhoea, fatigue with loss of energy, detoxification is one of the body’s ways to eliminate these toxins. And as a result, a person will feel healthy and lose weight.”

Does The Diet Do You Keep Its Promises?

Is there any scientific evidence that these diets detoxify the body? All specialists replied: “no.” dr Gideon Meyerowitz Katz, diabetes and public health expert from the University of Wollongong, said:

“Generally speaking, the idea that interfering with the body’s work may rid it of toxins, or even the presence of objects in the body that should be removed, is not well-proven, and most of these diets refer to mysterious toxins – even if harmful – that cannot be removed from a selected nutritonal diet.”

dr Nicholas fuller, obesity and nutrition expert from the University of Sydney, said:

“The toxicity of substances depends on the amount we consume from them, and we need detoxification in cases where we treat a person in hospital from serious levels of life-threatening toxicity.”

Dr. shanghai added: “the human body is a comprehensive device that repairs itself and automatically extracts toxicity, and this process is performed whether you are taking a treatment for poisoning or you are in a gastronomic and wine marathon.

But providing the body daily with the right ingredients to work to the fullest is better than quick solutions to detoxify.”

What Are The Benefits Of A Diet Of Detox?

Diets may not be as toxic as they claim. Do they have other uses? Dr Crowe said:

“It is natural that anyone who eats more fruits and vegetables, drinks a lot of water, eats a few foods filled with fat, salt and added sugar, and drinks less alcohol, will feel better. Especially if his diet is bad.”
You notice weight loss in extreme diets, but dr. Crowe says:

This can be explained by the extreme nature of detox diets, which suddenly cut off the supply of kilojoules in the body, and the weight a person has lost when carbohydrate stores are filled and follows his normal diet.”
there is a potential benefit of the diet of detox.

Which is the psychological effect in a person, says dr. Crowe: “dieting diets may help people pay more attention to what they eat, and the diet of diets for some of them may be the beginning of a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

What Are The Damages To The Diet?

Significant damage to diet was recorded, summarized by dr. Crowe as follows:

Feeling tired and losing energy.

The cost of buying organic food, most of which calls for increased consumption.

The price of a detox kit when following the advertising program.

Buy supplements if suggested by diet.

We need to organize more than usual to ensure food is allowed at home and work. Difficulties eating out with others because most restaurants do not offer proper diets for diet.

In addition, the short-term nature of any beneficial effects, such as weight loss, can be frustrating. And discouraging healthy eating in the long run.

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