How to Choose And Wear Your First Wig

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If you are considering starting your wig-wearing journey, this is a good move because wigs can enhance your appearance and give you that elegant look you are yearning for. However, if you are new to wigs, choosing and wearing one can be pretty challenging.

Thankfully, this article is here to guide you. This article discusses choosing your first wig and how you can wear it to look natural. Let’s get started!

How to choose your first wig

Consider these when purchasing your first wig

1. Think about the shape of your face.

First things first: when searching for the perfect wig, you need to consider the shape of your face before making any purchases. There are many different shapes of faces, including round, heart-shaped, oval, rectangle, and square. The length of your face, forehead, and cheekbones are the three features that need to be measured to determine the form of your face. You will be able to choose a wig that brings out the best in your facial characteristics if you are first able to determine the shape of your face.

2. Select the appropriate size for the wig cap.

If you want your wig to look normal and bring out your natural beauty, you need to get one that fits you like a glove to achieve those goals. If the wig is improperly fitted, not only will you experience discomfort while wearing it, but it will also give the appearance of being unnatural, which defeats the purpose of donning a wig in the first place. The vast majority of ladies wear the standard wig cap size. Nevertheless, before purchasing a wig, it is usually a good idea to take measurements of your head; this is especially important if you plan to get the wig online.

A wig that fits securely and adequately will stay in firmly. The simple realization that your wig will remain in place throughout the day can do wonders for your well-being. In addition, wigs frequently come equipped with Velcro straps that are adjustable, which means that you may alter the fit of your wig by adjusting the straps.

3. Determine the style of wig you intend to wear.

Another aspect of purchasing a wig that requires your full attention is determining which style is going to work best for your head. How you wear the wig, how it will seem on you, and how you will maintain it rest on on the type of wig you choose. When we speak of the many types of wigs, we refer to the various ways the wigs are put together. There are many kinds of wigs, such as lace front wigs, wefted wigs, hand-tied wigs, etc. However, an entirely hand-tied wig is g oing to outperform any other kind. Compared to wigs created by machines, this style of hairpiece will provide you with a more natural look. In addition, they provide excellent ventilation and a high level of comfort. The full lace wig illustrates what is known as a hand-tied wig.

4. Choose the length of the wig you wish to wear.

As was just discussed, there is a wide range of lengths available for wigs. This makes it much simpler to select the most suitable length for your individual sense of style. Which length do you prefer—long, medium, or short human hair wig? Your way of life is an essential factor that needs to be considered while selecting the appropriate length for your wig. If you are a model or are interested in fashion, you will look better with a long wig with more volume. However, if you are the type of person who is always on the go and spends most of her time at the gym, a lightweight medium-length or short wig is the best option.

5. Take into account the density

Additionally, there is a range of densities available for wigs. The density of the wig refers to how thin or thick it is. The densities of wigs are expressed as percentages and can range anywhere from 60% to 200%. If you want to achieve the appearance of having fuller hair, then you should select a wig density that is either 150% or 180%.

6. Make sure you pick the appropriate shade.

There is a wide range of color options available for wigs. When you are new to wearing wigs, selecting the appropriate wig color for yourself cannot be easy. To achieve the most natural-looking result, it is best to select a shade that is very close to the color of your own hair. By preparing yourself in this manner, you will have an easier time adjusting to wearing wigs. In addition, you need to consider your skin tone because your complexion will affect how specific colors look on you compared to other hues.

7. Take into account the cost.

Last but not least, you need to consider the wig’s price. Be sure you know the wig’s price and the maximum amount you are ready to pay before adding it to your shopping cart. The cost of wigs can vary widely based on the characteristics of the individual hairpiece. On the other hand, human hair wigs typically carry a higher price tag than their synthetic counterparts. Additionally, wigs that are longer and have a higher density typically cost more. Therefore, before you place an order for or select the wig of your choice, you need to figure out your finances and establish how much money you can put toward purchasing the wig.

How to wear your wig to make it look as natural as possible

The key to having a natural look when wearing a wig is to wear the wig properly. Here is how to wear a wig:

  1. Start by preparing the wig. You can achieve this by washing it and letting it dry. It’s good to wear a new and clean wig.
  2. Make your hair as flat as possible by making cornrows.
  3. Cleanse the area where the wig will come into contact by wiping it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  4. Wear your wig cap
  5. Wear your wig
  6. Style the wig to your taste