Buying Pure Kratom: Discover Who Uses It The Most

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Are you also someone planning to switch to herbal products? If yes, give a virtual hi-fi because you will make the best life decision. Herbal products are a great alternative to chemical products as they don’t contain foreign elements that may interfere adversely with your body. There has been an expansion in the herbal industry, specifically in the last three decades. We can say that we came back to the place from where we started because herbal products were ahead of chemical products in ancient times. But then big companies entered the market and advertised their chemical products as a one-stop solution that shifted the interest of consumers in those products.

As people became more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals on their bodies, they started searching for healthier substitutes, and that’s when the herbal industry came back into the picture. There are millions of herbal products for your hair, skin, diseases, and whatnot. This curiosity among people also led to the popularity of herbs that were not so known earlier, like Kratom. People are open to experimenting with such herbs to observe how it affects their bodies. The rising popularity also intrigued researchers to find various aspects of such products. This article deals with Kratom, its types, benefits, and consumer pattern based on gender, i.e., female v. male buyers of red Borneo Kratom slokratom.

Know About What Is Kratom And Its Types

Kratom is a type of herbal plant from the coffee family that has been used since the nineteenth century. It is widely known for its opioid-like and stimulant properties. It comes in different products such as capsules, powder, tea, etc.

There are various strains of Kratom, and the basis of classification also differs. For example, there are types based on place of origin, the color of the vein, potency, etc. Each strain has unique characteristics and has different effects. It allows the user to choose the type that suits their needs in the best possible way. Some common strains of Kratom are below-

  1. Malay derives its name from the place it originates, i.e., Malaysia. Though it has long-lasting effects, it is not so strong to treat pain. It comes in handy to manage regular life stress and gives a positive outlook.
  2. Maeng Da– Its roots lie in Thailand and are one of the most potent strains available in the market. It has powerful effects that last long, because of which it is preferable to have it in a lower dosage than other types.
  3. Borneo – It grows in Borneo. It is also known as the Bali strain because its export goes through the ports of Bali.
  4. Red Vein – This is one of the most popular types because of its calming and sedating properties that help maintain a better mind.
  5. White Vein – This plant with leaves plucked in the early stages of maturity is famous for its peace-inducing effects.
  6. Green Vein – This vein color occurs when the plant is in the middle stage of maturity. It has energizing effects that last longer than white and red strain.

Male v. Female Users. Who Uses It More, And Its Benefits?

According to a study, there are more male buyers of this product than females. Another important finding of this research was that the product is top-rated among men aged thirty to forty. One of the primary reasons behind this data is a belief that the product helps boost energy and make it slightly easier to do tasks that require more physical endurance. In addition, one of the reasons for more male users is that there are many countries where men are more into jobs that require physical strength, so they prefer this product for their everyday tasks.

Another factor of differentiation is that different genders use it for varied purposes. For example, female users may prefer to use it more for glowing skin, while men try it for energy-boosting properties. It may also vary based on age, country, personal preference, etc. However, all these conclusions are based more on assumptions and general patterns than any concrete evidence.

This herbal plant is indeed full of beneficial properties, and some of them are as follows-

1. It Helps Manage Pain And Inflammation

Various studies show that Kratom’s anti-inflammatory properties help pain relief, which is why it is popular among people with chronic pain. Furthermore, its herbal properties are a better alternative than other counter drugs or pain relief medicines.

2. It Calms The Anxious Feelings

Many users prefer this herb, particularly for this product. Many users share that it helps overcome social anxiety and blend with the social circles without triggering anxiety. It also helps relieve other symptoms like racing heartbeat, short breath, etc. The intensity of the effects may vary as per the dosage, and it may also be effective in managing symptoms of depression.

3. It Acts As An Energy Booster

This herb is an excellent energy booster that may help overcome daily fatigue and laziness. It may also motivate you to complete your to-do list and improve your metabolism. It can be a great ingredient to start your day with a burst of energy. Men mostly use the Kratom strain for energy-boosting properties, enhancing their stamina levels.

4. It May Give Healthy Skin

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This ingredient may also help maintain healthy skin, but these benefits are not widespread. It helps improve blood circulation, which helps in more glowing and attractive skin. It may also help reduce patchy skin by balancing skin tone and calming skin irritation.


The studies related to this niche of kona kratom usage in different genders are limited, and it is not possible to draw any conclusion from the studies available at present. It does not matter whether you are a male or a female, in what amount you consume it, and for what purpose you buy it. It is crucial to purchase it from a licensed and reliable seller because investing in a high-quality product may seem like burning a hole in your pocket. Still, it will benefit your health and reduce the chances of any adverse effects in the long run.