The Best UK Beauty Brands and How to Get Them Abroad

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The Best UK Beauty Brands and How to Get Them Abroad: The world of UK beauty has carved out a place for itself on the global stage and has a rich history within the industry. Its homegrown brands have made a significant impact globally, with each bringing something unique to the table — so much so that the beauty and personal care industry in the UK is consistently growing and is estimated to be worth nearly $16B.

From luxury skincare lines to affordable, high-quality makeup brands, there’s a diverse array of UK beauty brands to explore.

British brands are often at the forefront of new beauty trends and are known for their commitment to:

  • Quality — UK brands are renowned for their high-quality products, often featuring premium ingredients.
  • Innovation — many UK beauty brands are trendsetters, pioneering new products and techniques.
  • Ethics — a lot of UK brands have strong ethical commitments. This includes cruelty-free testing, sustainable sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging.

These factors contribute to the strong reputation of UK beauty brands and their global success. In this article, we’ll dive into five of the best UK beauty brands and give you all the information you need to get them, no matter where you are in the world.

Top UK Beauty Brands

#1 — Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, founded by the renowned makeup artist of the same name, has become a global sensation since its launch. The brand is known for its luxurious makeup and skincare products, including:

  • Magic Cream — An award-winning, hydrating moisturizer that can transform skin. It’s loved for the way it imparts a soft luminous glow.
  • Pillow Talk Lipstick — This iconic, universally-flattering lipstick shade has quickly gained a cult following.

The brand’s focus on creating confidence-boosting, easy-to-use products has made it a favorite among beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike. In fact, it was the most popular beauty brand in 2022. And it’s driven huge growth at its new parent company Puig.

#2 — Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies is an English pioneer in organic health and beauty. It sets a new standard with ethical and sustainable practices. The Dorset-based brand’s commitment to organic ingredients and environmental responsibility is reflected in its range of products, including:

  • Skincare — From cleansers to moisturizers, Neal’s Yard offers a variety of products to suit different skin types. The Frankincense Nourishing Cream is one of their best-sellers.
  • Body care —  Their body lotions and bath products are known for their nourishing properties and relaxing scents. The Aromatic Foaming Bath has been described as “simply divine”.

With their fantastic range of skincare products, commitment to sustainable practices, and organic ingredients, they stand out as one of the best UK beauty brands and have the awards to prove it.

#3 — Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is a fun, affordable British beauty brand offering a wide range of products, from skincare to makeup to body care. Known for its playful, retro-inspired, pink packaging and clever product names, Soap and Glory has won over consumers around the world. Standout products include:

  • Clean On Me Creamy Shower Gel — This hydrating shower gel leaves skin feeling soft and fragrant.
  • Hand Food Hand Cream — This non-greasy hand cream moisturizes effectively and smells fantastic.

Their products strike the perfect balance between efficacy and enjoyment, offering consumers a fun, pampering experience. If you’re a fan of fantastic products and great puns, Soap and Glory will be right up your alley.

#4 — Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London is a luxury fragrance brand that has set itself apart with its elegant perfumes, luxury candles, bath products, and room scents. Key aspects of the brand include:

  • Signature Perfumes — The brand’s refined, simple fragrances have a distinctive, memorable quality.
  • Fragrance Combining™ — This innovative concept encourages customers to layer different scents to create a personalized fragrance.

Their minimalist packaging and high-quality products make them a coveted brand worldwide. The brand has made such an impact on the UK economy that Jo Malone, the entrepreneur behind the brand, was awarded a CBE in 2019.

#5 — Lush

Last, but by no means least, is Lush. Lush is a game-changer in the beauty industry. It’s recognized for its fresh handmade cosmetics, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging. Notable products include:

  • Intergalactic Bath Bomb — This is a best-selling bath bomb, offering a dazzling bathing experience filled with plastic-free shimmers, along with a cool, pepperminty, and grapefruit scent.
  • Sleepy Body Lotion — A lavender-tonka perfume lotion that moisturizes the skin while sending you off to dreamland

Their colorful, aromatic bath bombs, luxurious lotions, and innovative hair and skin products have won the hearts of consumers worldwide.

How to Get UK Beauty Brands Abroad

As you can see, the UK beauty market is thriving and being driven by some incredible brands. But if you’re based outside of the UK, getting your hands on these game-changing beauty products can be tricky. Here are some tips for ordering from these brands wherever you are in the world:

  • Official websites —Most of these brands have their own online stores that may ship internationally. Always check the official website first for the most direct and reliable source.
  • Global retailers — Global retailers like Sephora and Feel Unique carry these brands and offer international shipping.
  • Local retailers — These UK brands might also have partnerships with retailers in your country. Check department stores, specialty beauty stores, and even drugstores.

One of the problems with ordering any product from abroad is international shipping fees and customs and duties. Even if a brand offers international shipping, it can quickly get expensive. One of the best ways around expensive fees is to use a UK parcel forwarding service.

A UK parcel forwarding service is a cost-effective way to order from abroad. When you register for the service, you’ll be given a UK-based shipping address. You simply complete your order as normal and order your products to that address. The company will then put all of your orders together to reduce shipping costs and handle customs paperwork.

Find Your British Beauty Products Today

With these incredible UK brands in your beauty arsenal, you’re sure to be glowing. Whether you’re looking for high-quality skincare products, innovative makeup, or ethically sourced and environmentally friendly options, these UK brands have got you covered.

So why wait? Start exploring these UK beauty brands today!

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