Before buying Ray-Ban glasses online, go through this checklist

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Glasses are an important tool that helps to correct your vision daily. Glasses are also, however, a fashion accessory, which means they should suit your individual style preferences. You should choose a frame that suits your face shape as well as your personality. It’s not surprising that so many people struggle to decide which pair of glasses to purchase.

It’s important to choose a high-quality frame, especially considering that this is an accessory that you’ll be wearing every single day. Choosing a high-quality frame will not only give you that sought-after designer look, but it will also ensure that your glasses last for many years.

All of these factors; quality, style, and comfort are combined in Ray-Ban’s range of glasses. But, before buying glasses from Ray-Ban you should consider the following.

Are Ray-Bans worth the money?

Ray-Ban has been making eyewear since 1937. That’s an incredibly long time! The company’s success over such a long period of time speaks volumes about the excellent products it produces. At a higher price point than many other glasses, some have wondered if the eyewear from this brand is worth the money. The simple answer is: yes. The quality speaks for itself, considering how well made and stylish Ray-Ban eyewear is, the price appears to be justified.

Ray-Ban is an instantly recognizable brand all over the world. The brand has gained a cult following among celebrities and royalty, as well as the everyday individual. It’s easy to see why the brand is so popular. It specializes in classic styles that suit many people. The frames are built with durable materials, every design detail has been carefully considered, from how smoothly the hinges open to the size of the lens.

Are my Ray-Bans fake?

As Ray-Ban is such a coveted brand, counterfeits are commonly created. It can sometimes be difficult to know if you’ve bought the real deal or a very convincing fake, but there are ways you can tell. The quality is one of the easiest ways to know if you have authentic Ray-Ban glasses or a knock-off. The brand logo will usually be visible on the lens or the temple, and every Ray-Ban model will come with its own faux leather case and cleaning cloth.

You should only ever buy your Ray-Ban glasses from reputable sellers. Online retailers such as Feel Good Contacts are licensed sellers of Ray-Ban eyewear, this means that you can trust the products you are purchasing from them are 100% authentic. You can click here to find out more about the Ray-Ban glasses that they sell.

What frame will suit my face shape?

Some worry about choosing the most flattering glasses shape to suit their face shape. Luckily, there are many guides available online to help you first determine what your face shape is, and then to select the frames that most suit your face shape. However, it’s worth noting that these guides aren’t rules. If you discover a glasses frame that isn’t technically flattering for your face shape, don’t let the rules stop you from wearing and enjoying them!

There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to this brand. The wayfarer is arguably Ray-Ban’s most iconic frame, and a firm favorite of many. The aviator is also a great choice, this stylish silhouette provides extra sun coverage too, thanks to the large teardrop shape of the lens. In fact, the wayfarer was originally created to help pilots fly their planes safely, without fear of being dazzled by the sun.

Where should I buy Ray-Ban glasses from?

Buying your glasses online is almost always cheaper, this is because online retailers don’t have to pay the same overheads as physical shops, allowing them to pass that saving onto the consumer. There are also first-time discount codes you can take advantage of as a new customer, to help you save even more. You also have the benefit of shopping from the comfort of your home and having the glasses delivered to your door, with some retailers even offering next day delivery. This is especially useful if you need your glasses right away due to losing or breaking your current pair. Although, having two pairs of glasses is always a good idea.

How can I buy glasses online?

Some people aren’t aware that they can buy their glasses online, which leads them to repeatedly purchase from more expensive high street retailers. As long as you have your prescription details to hand, ordering online couldn’t be simpler. Always ensure you have an up-to-date prescription before ordering your glasses. Remember that you are entitled to a copy of your prescription (whether for glasses or contact lenses). After you have obtained this copy, you can then take those details and use them to order your Ray-Ban glasses online, saving you both time and money.