Beauty Tips for Dry Skin in Summer

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Tips for Dry Skin in Summer

Making sure you look your best can be tough at the best of times. You never know when a skin outbreak or a bad night’s sleep will make you look far from your best – usually when you have the most important of days. But a dry summer can leave your skin feeling – and looking – anything but radiant.

You may have caught the sports bug and know all about the best online betting sites in Texas but you don’t want to look like you have been wrangling cattle on the plains of the Lone Star state. That’s why you need a defense plan to keep your skin looking like you have just come out of a well-hydrated Norwegian forest instead.

Obviously, everyone has different skin types. But we have put together a handy hints and tips package to help you combat the dry summer and ensure that your skin looks just as good as in the fresher days of Spring.

Moisturize Daily

This should be part of your routine already, of course. But in the summer heat, moisturizing is even more important. Make sure you apply your moisturizer immediately after washing your face or hands. You need to be able to trap all the moisture you can.

When you have dried off after a bath or a shower you should make sure that the moisturizer is the next thing you reach out for. Those precious seconds could make all the difference.

Use Gentle Skin Products

If your skin has become dry – or even if it is just usually sensitive – it might be a good idea to change the skin products you are using. Some products can be too abrasive for dry skin, including some deodorant soaps.

Look for skin care products that are labeled “fragrance-free”. These will be kinder to your skin and be better for you if you are feeling dry. Avoid anything labeled “unscented” though, the chemicals used to mask scents can be just as bad for dry skin.

Use a Humidifier

When it gets really hot during the summer, the natural reaction is to crank up the air conditioner. This may make you feel cooler but it is also very bad for your skin. The A/C will take the moisture from the air and dry out your, admittedly cooler, skin.

But there is an answer that doesn’t force you to sit in a pool of your own sweat as the temperature climbs. Try to use a humidifier that regulates the air quality. It will add moisture to the air and your skin will thank you.

Check Your Face Wash

Just like we advised you to avoid skincare products that are not gentle to your skin, you should also check your regular face wash to see whether you are actually fighting against a fresher face.

Many soaps and cleansers take all the moisture out of the skin and leave your face dry. You need to check what is in the face wash – fruit enzymes are particularly good – and anything hypoallergenic is a good idea.

Avoid Hot Water

You may not feel like a blistering hot shower in the hot summer months anyway. But do try to avoid hot water when washing. Unsurprisingly, the hot water will dry out your skin even further.

Opt for a cooler shower instead. Not only will it feel so much better when the heat is already oppressive first thing in the morning. But keeping your body temperature down will stop it drying out and becoming dehydrated.

Choose Make Up Wisely

Slapping on too much make-up may not be in your plans during the summer – but you may still want to make an effort on your nights out. There is no problem with applying make-up at this time of year, you just need to have more of a plan about what you are wearing.

Firstly, apply a light moisturizer instead of the foundation. Your pores will thank you and your make-up is more likely to stay on in the heat. You might be able to use gel-based make-up too, anything to ensure that your skin is getting the moisture it needs and nothing is getting clogged up.

Have a Skincare Routine

A skincare routine should be part of your day anyway. But in the dry summers, a healthier version is even more important. Make sure you are cleansing properly, repeatedly if possible, and then apply moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin at the same time.

Repeat the cleansing process at nighttime to make sure that your skin can grab any available moisture while you sleep. To keep you going through the day you could also carry a mist spray and apply when needed to keep a healthy and hydrated glow, however hot it gets.

Have a Skincare Routine

Drink More Water

There are lots of different moisturizers and skin creams that can help hydrate your skin as you combat the heat. But one of the most important things you can do is to drink water. Lots of it.

Drinking water makes sure you are hydrating your entire body – and that includes the skin. Up to ten glasses of water a day is a target you should be aiming for. Your body will need more to fight against the moisture it is losing by sweating, So try to have a glass near you at all times.

Avoid Problem Food and Drink

It may feel like the perfect way to spend a hot sunny day, but try not to take in too much alcohol when it is hot. The dehydration that is already happening will only intensify. Avoiding salty food and carbohydrates is also a good idea.

Instead, look for fresher foods that are high in vitamins C and E, like cucumbers and avocados. Citrus fruits are also a good source of vitamin C, while fish dishes like salmon are also ideal because of the omega-3 oils that will repair any damage done by the UV rays.

If you look after your skin and hydrate as much as possible you can still spend the summer looking good and feeling great.