7 Gemstones you should wear on your Big Day

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Are you looking for some jewelry ideas for your wedding? Aside from the diamond engagement rings, other types of wedding estate jewelry have also been popular with gemstones among brides.

Numerous symbolic connotations and meanings are attached to rocks. In this article, we examine the most common gemstones used in wedding jewelry as well as their symbolic purposes.

Here is a list of the top seven gemstones popular for wedding jewelry. Thus, you may choose which gemstone is the best fit for you.


Diamond is known as the traditional gemstone for wedding jewelry, particularly engagement and wedding rings. These have long been regarded as the pinnacle of all symbols of enduring love.

Beyond the conventional crystal clear stones, there are several more types of diamonds. The most opulent historical designs mostly feature hues of pink and yellow, while contemporary brides choose champagne, grey, blue, and even black diamonds.

The gemstone has been used as a sign of power, perfection, strength, purity, longevity, faithfulness, and good fortune. Given their strength, diamonds, one of the toughest jewels, can endure the test of time quite well.


Emerald is considered to be one of the most premium gemstones. Most of us instinctively think of diamonds when considering valuable and rare gemstones; however, emeralds are actually 20 times rarer.

From light to a deep bluish-green, this gemstone is available in a variety of colors of green. Regardless of the color, though, the quality, as in the deeper and more brilliant colors, shows through. Emerald is even a very potent birthstone.

Since green has traditionally been associated with rebirth and spring, an emerald represents a fresh start, hope, and happy and fulfilling marriage. The stone itself is said to represent loyalty and real love as well as improving one’s ability to express themselves clearly.

Emeralds are said to possess healing properties as well, both physically and emotionally.


Pearls have always been adored and worshipped by humans. Although not a gemstone, pearls are commonly used in wedding jewelry. These are unique and sophisticated, coming in a variety of colors and sizes. Pearls are ideal for destination wedding.

Cultured pearls are available in a wide range of stunning hues, including white and light cream, pink, lilac, gold, green, grey, and black. Cultured pearls come in four primary varieties, i.e., Tahitian, Akoya, freshwater, and south sea. Each has distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from the others.

As one of the most delicate stones, pearls are frequently used in earrings and necklaces. For women who choose a traditional and classic bridal style, pearls are a popular feminine emblem that stands for purity and innocence.


Rubies, one of the most popular selections for brides, come in a variety of red hues, including deep, dark, pinkish, and pigeon blood reds. This stone has always been regarded as the king of all jewels and is viewed as a symbol of royalty.

Through the years, rubies have been coveted possessions of emperors and monarchs, and they continue to be the most valuable gemstone today. These are one of the most vibrant and long-lasting jewels since they are tougher than other priceless jewels such as emeralds, albeit not as hard as diamonds.

The stone represents passion, love, emotion, and courage. Thus, wedding jewelry made of rubies is considered to be the ultimate representation of intense love.


Even though sapphires are less popular than diamonds, they are becoming more used as the center stone for wedding and engagement rings. Sapphires may bring “something blue” to every wedding, so it makes sense to be included on your big day.

Sapphire is a stone that symbolizes regal status. It is thought to be effective for luring wealth, blessings, and presents. Sapphires are most linked with a deep blue color; this classic pick complements virtually any decor. However, these are available in a variety of colors, from purple, peach, yellow, green, and pink.

Sapphires are considered a beautiful promise for your wedding day since they frequently stand for commitment, purity, honesty, and trust.


Unlike common assumptions, jade is not just reserved for overtly traditional weddings; it has instead established itself as a must-have item for sophisticated modern brides.

The opaque gemstone has been a hugely important East Asian emblem throughout history. It is renowned for being a sign of love and protection and is cited in practically every work of traditional Chinese literature.

This stone is revered in ancient Chinese culture as a living being that guards and cures the spirit and body. A good marriage requires the attributes of balance, harmony, riches, luck, fertility, and long life, all of which are represented by the green color of jade.


From light pastel to deep blues with elements of green and cyan, aquamarine comes in a variety of hues. It is the ideal stone to complement virtually any color scheme because of its minor hue variations. Its appeal is a result of its adaptability as well, which makes it excellent in a variety of situations and styles. This ageless beauty has served as a representation of hope, youth, health, and faithfulness.

Additionally, it represents genuine communication. This stone, which has ocean tones, is ideal for coastal couples who wish to symbolize their enduring commitment to one another.


Choose your favorite gemstone and make your big day worth a while.

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