6 Style Trends That are Making a Comeback

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There’s a saying that “everything old is new again,” which has never been more appropriate than when applied to 2022 fashion. If there’s a common theme running through the big trends right now, it might just be “vintage.” or “retro.”

Just like the movie scene seems to be taken up with remakes, reboots, and sequels so is fashion this year. Everywhere you look, people are wearing styles inspired by decades past. While this might hurt your heart if you are disappointed in hearing that the early 00s are now vintage, the fact remains that there are great styles to copy, enhance, and make new again. Here are six style trends that are making a comeback.

Flared Jeans

The 1970s have a major influence on current fashion trends. As the liberation efforts of the ’60s gave way to a new decade, intelligent and strong women started to dress how they wanted. Part of that aesthetic was the iconic flared jeans look that dominated the decade. They are snug up top and along the tops of the legs and flare out in a more exaggerated way than boot cuts down past the shin. This style flatters the hips and buttocks and draws the eye to the lower half. Nowadays, the flare is not as dramatic, and fewer people wear platforms with them, although you still can. Instead, black and white sneakers and a vintage graphic tee-shirt offer the perfect cute and fun summer look.

Getting Dressed Up

A lot of us spent most of 2020 and 2021 cooped up at home. We wore our pajamas and sweatpants and didn’t have many reasons to go out and get dressed up like before. However, now that things are opened up again, and events are being held like before, there is a widespread need to take those dressy outfits out of the mothballs and show off your best looks.

People are dressing up even if they don’t have to. Why not wear a tulle skirt and pearls just to head to the movies? Silk pants and dresses are definitely chic right now for anything from drinks with friends to summer weddings. Don’t worry about being overdressed for anything. You have a couple of years to make up for.

Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses are another throwback to the ’70s. This is an especially fun look for the summer. While they are generally modest dresses, you can sex them up with the right shoes and accessories. To truly get that 70’s vibe, pair a flowy dress with a quirky vintage bag and some oversized glasses. You will have a fun look that also keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot months. Of course, you can always put a denim jacket on top of your dress if things get a little cool, as well.

Big Color

Along with the ’70s, the early ’00s greatly influence today’s trends. When you think of the style trendsetters at the time, you can think of Paris Hilton and her big pink and red outfits, or even Elle Woods. The bold color was big in the aughts, and as we awaken from a long international slumber, designers are keen to let people show themselves off and put themselves out there. You can pair a bold crop top with a mini denim skirt, along with jelly shoes and a colorful backpack to create a true throwback look. Showing off skin was very common back then, so feel free to do so, along with colorful accessories to draw the eye.

Low-Waist Pants

Another big trend from the 00s was low-waist pants and skirts. After that, we went through a high-waist period. However, everything comes full circle, and low-waist is back in a big way. Along with it is the visible thong trend that came with it back then, too. This may also be a result of the pandemic, since being stuck at home, we couldn’t show off as much as we used to. If showing that much skin again makes you nervous, remember that you can pair your low waist pants with a flowy blouse that covers up the midsection and adds a dose of modesty to the outfit.


The grunge movement was one of the most important musical eras in modern history, and with it came a range of fashion trends that we thought had been banished to the dustbin of history. However, the grunge aesthetic is returning to the modern world. Upcycled denim, with scuffs, stitching, and patchwork, is all the rage for both jeans and jackets. Baggy jeans are also on the way back, although not as exaggerated as they were at the time. In fact, combined with the low-waist trend, you don’t have to worry about holding your baggy jeans up as you walk down the street. You can pair them with a crop top with long sleeves. Accessories can include a chained wallet, which was very popular in the 90s. Finally, don’t forget a flannel shirt, which you can get in a bodice-hugging cut that is still sexy despite the utilitarian look.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from if you are familiar with the looks from the past four decades. However, you don’t have to copy those styles completely. To keep up with the trends, your best option is to give them a modern twist. By reaching into the past, you can take advantage of these trends that are making a comeback to look your best this year.

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