5 Reasons You Must Wear Your Birthstone

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If you’re not familiar with birthstones, allow me to enlighten you. Most people are born under a specific sign in the zodiac, and their birthstone is said to have healing properties, bring good luck and prosperity, provide ultimate protection, and help them achieve spiritual alignment. And while some sources give different meanings for each gemstone, I’m here to tell you why wearing your own birthstone rocks.

Healing Properties

The healing properties of each birthstone are often associated with the gemstone and metal it’s made of. For example, the garnet is a stone that has been used to promote vitality and physical strength. Garnets are also believed to give courage in times of war or conflict, which makes them popular for soldiers. But what about the metals? The metals can be used in jewelry for protection against evil spirits or evil eye magic. You may also wear a piece of silver jewelry to prevent yourself from getting sick or if you want some extra energy during your day.

The Ultimate Protection

It’s believed that your birthstone is one of the most powerful crystals in existence, and for many reasons. They are said to have healing properties, protect against evil (both human and supernatural), bring good fortune and prosperity, attract wealth and health, and promote love and partnership in relationships. If you love wearing a particular kind of jewelry, for instance, a necklace, you can put on a personalized birthstone necklace to embrace the luck and protection your birthstone brings to you. Once you decide to purchase custom birthstone jewelry, ensure you choose trusted online vendors like Haverhill to get high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Good Luck and Prosperity

People have believed that gemstones can bring good luck and prosperity since the beginning of time. In fact, most cultures have their own legends about how wearing certain gemstones will bring them health, happiness and peace. The Ancient Greeks believed amethyst could cure drunkenness or maybe even prevent hangovers from overindulging in alcohol. The Romans thought it was a powerful aphrodisiac (and if you’re ever on the receiving end of one of these amethyst-induced flings, please remember to duck!).

Tool for spiritual alignment

The birthstone can also be used to help align your chakras, as well as your energy field, aura and chakra. Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond with different parts of the body. They are aligned along the spine, and each one has a specific task, such as balancing physical health or higher spiritual awareness. When we are out of alignment with our chakras, it can lead to physical illness or emotional issues like depression or anxiety. By wearing a crystal that represents your birth month, you can bring yourself back into alignment and feel more at peace physically and emotionally.

Historical Mentions

But the birthstone isn’t just a popular choice; it’s also a historical one. The Bible, Talmud, and Quran all mention each of the stones in their texts. There are also ancient Sanskrit texts that refer to the gemstones by name and associate them with specific gods and goddesses in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Chinese classic I Ching mentions them as well. It’s believed that these references may have come from an earlier source known as The Classic of Poetry (Shih Ching).

There’s no better way to showcase your individuality than by wearing one of these gorgeous stones. Each has its own unique properties and characteristics, so you can choose the right one for you.

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