4 Jumping Jack Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

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Living a healthy and fit life is everyone’s core dream.

And weight loss is an essential component of your fitness journey, regardless of your physical health or vigor.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to follow all the conventional means like fixing your diet, etc., to achieve your goals like a smart pro.

Keeping in line with that, we have brought you a list of jumping jacks for weight loss that will help you target both lower and upper body muscles.

So, scroll down further, read till the end, and get back control of your health and fitness in a smart way.

Benefits Of Physical Activity To Lose Weight:

Before we start our list of exercises related to jumping jacks for weight loss, there’s something important you need to learn first.

That is, the importance of physical activity to lose weight.

Just like things required for a healthy lifestyle play an important role in how beautifully and smartly you can attend to your bodily needs daily, physical activity also helps you achieve your weight loss goals.

The reason behind this is that smart tricks like opting for exercises, etc., turn out to be an added benefit for you and your journey.

Since getting fit and healthy is about taking help from every side possible, getting your body into more movement than usual will help your muscles, bones, etc., muster strength, stretch, and shed fat faster than the other way around.

Therefore, while you opt for every other suitable option, make sure to make the most out of beneficial yet easy-to-do exercises and achieve your goals like a smart pro.

Jumping Jack Exercises To Help You Lose Weight:

1. Modified Jumping Jack

The first and foremost of the jumping jacks for weight loss is the one that involves a modified jumping jack.

This variation of the main exercise comes with many benefits for your body and surely helps speed up the weight-shedding process.

Some of the benefits included are as follows:

  • A great way to enhance your body’s aerobic fitness.
  • Helps your body relax while building physical strength for you.
  • This variation is perfect for beginners because it’s a low-impact exercise compared to the main jumping jack.
  • Because of being a low-impact version, it doesn’t put a strain on your knees or other sensitive body parts.

The simple procedure you have to follow is, first, to bring both of your hands above your head while standing in a normal position. Then, bring your right leg in front of the left one and lower your arms at the same time. After this, do the same but in a vice versa way. This way, you will be able to complete your set while bringing your core muscles into movement at the same time.

Jumping Jack Exercises

2. Cross-Jack Set Of Moves

Has someone ever told you that your increased heart rate can also help you out in your weight loss goals?

Well, if not, then now you know.

Keeping in line with that, the next one of the jumping jacks for weight loss will help you precisely with that, along with other benefits.

Speaking of the benefits, cross jack exercise is perfectly fine for activating almost all of your muscle groups, ultimately giving a good warm-up to the joints and muscles and increasing heart rate for better fat burn, ultimately helping you curb the side effects of some of worst foods.

Moreover, all of this leads to freeing your muscles of stiffness, promoting metabolism, relaxation, endurance, etc., in the long run.

In order to do this exercise, you first bring your arms up and extend them outside while standing with your feet apart from each other. Then, as you take a jump, cross your legs and arms. Repeat the same procedure but in a vice versa position, and you are good to go.

3. High Knee Jack Exercise

The high knee jack is one of the best jumping jacks for weight loss, especially when you are targeting the lower body muscles.

Yes, you read that right.

This high-energy set of moves increases your blood flow by pumping it faster, engages your lower body and core muscles, and helps your muscles sweat more to burn fat and improve endurance.

Or, more precisely, you get to target muscles like hip flexors, calves, quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, which can help you get slim without hurting your back.

The suggested method to do this exercise is first to stand straight, engage your core muscles, and relax your chest. Then begin by bringing your right knee up to your stomach/chest level by folding it upwards. Make sure to give your left arm a backward push while it is folded too.

After this, repeat the same procedure with your left leg and right arm, and you are perfectly ready to perform this high-energy exercise.

4. Burpee Jack Moves

Now that we have talked about jumping jacks for weight loss that mainly target your lower body muscles, it’s time to take a deep dive into an exercise that targets your core strength or whole body and helps you get slim.

We are talking about burpee jack.

This set of energetic moves, when targeting both your lower and upper body muscles, increases the speed, strength, and quickness of how your muscles work and burn calories as a whole.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no doubt that keeping up with your bodily needs can sometimes turn out to be a confusing or daunting task.

The main reason behind this is that you are supposed to take care of the fact that the tips you are following do not harm your physical strength in any way possible.

This is where the importance of the right tips and information kicks in.

Keeping in line with that, hopefully, the list of different jumping jacks for weight loss listed above will surely help you out in one way or another.

Lastly, if you have got something to add or suggest, feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section below and help us improve!


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