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Sadistic beauty side story:  

Sadistic Beauty story is a webtoon written by Yunhee Woo with art by Geumsan Lee. In South Korea, the webcomic is not a common term; Koreans use the term ‘webtoon.’ for webcomics. Webtoons are highly popular in Korea for several reasons.

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About sadistic beauty side story

What happens when two guys and a stylish girl meet? I have no idea, but it doesn’t sound romantic. Or when? Depending on your definition of romance, Doona’s sadistic nature can be the most romantic thing a man could ever ask for.

Two men’s lives are chaotic when sexy Chun Duna returns to town. At one extreme is college student Woo Haesol, whose shy demeanour reveals a man begging to be conquered. On the additional side is Professor Byun Minho, a man chauvinist who bitterly views Duna as his deadly enemy. Tempers flare as pain turns to pleasure under the watchful eye of a sadistic beauty.

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more info about the sadistic beauty side story & kill switch

Genre:  Romance, Mature, Drama

Status:  Completed

Author:  Yunhee Woo

Original Run Date: March 29, 2016 – December 31, 2020

Illustrator: Geumsan Lee

Magazine:  Bomtoon

English Publisher:  TappyToon‎

Chapters: 117

Publisher:  Lezhin Comics

Extroversion:  Feb 2021

Day of release:  11th, 21st and 31st of each month

Main Characters


Haesol WOO

Minho BYUN

Secondary Characters

Doochi CHEON

Gyerin YANG

Woongyung CHA

Minor Characters



Taeyoung JUN

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sadistic Beauty 


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Summary sadistic beauty: [sadistic beauty bl side story kill switch]

Gyerin decides to leave his ill-fated first love of Doona behind and start over. He quickly meets a woman who resembles his ideal type from head to toe. Filled with armour-piercing charm, is Juyeon her good or bad luck?


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