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Leftovers game is a black and white style puzzle escape game. In the game, you can take free adventures in many different scenarios. The overall gameplay process is very exciting. Players will interact with each other in a first-person perspective. Different characters interact with each other. In the game, the player will play a child to deliver meals to the neighbors, thus experiencing a series of bizarre and terrifying events. Do you know what the ending of the leftovers game is? What terrifying secrets are hidden at home? The following editor brings you the ending of the leftovers game. If you want to experience the leftovers game immediately, please visit .

In the Leftovers game , every choice the player makes will result in a different ending . If you want to go through all the plots and understand the story behind them, some choices are especially long, because it will cause your game to end prematurely. The following is the Leftovers game . All endings explained.

Ending 1 :

When the mother asks the little boy to deliver the meal at the beginning of the game, everyone will know not to go home during the meal delivery, so don’t trigger the homecoming plot when the meal is delivered. If you go home too many times, the mother’s The emotions will become more and more exciting, so your interaction with your neighbors is very important at this time. If you trigger the story of going home 4 times, then the first ending will appear.

When delivering food to the woman with glasses on the 8th floor , she will ask you if you want to pay for the meal. If you say yes, she will throw a cockroach at you, and the little boy will be afraid that it will trigger the first homecoming. plot.

to the fierce -looking uncle on the 7th floor , he will open a gap in the door and let you put the lunch box in the door . The uncle will slam the door shut, and the little boy will trigger the second homecoming because of fear.

on the 6th floor with her hair covering one eye , she will invite you to rest at her house. If you agree , you will encounter terrifying things in the room , and you will trigger a third time out of fear . Homecoming drama.

to the room on the 4th floor with the door open but no one is in sight, put the meal at the door, if you stay here, you will see a man with a bandage on his head and no legs crawling over to take the lunch box, then At this time, you will trigger the story of going home for the fourth time because of the fear , and returns you to the room, at which point the game is over.

Ending 2 :

also triggers a different ending when delivering meals to the one-armed old man who is covered in bandages on the second floor, because he will ask you 4 questions, if you answer all the questions in a bad direction, such as: “What do you think Should n’t innocent people be killed?”, you answered yes , then he will say that you are a child of the devil, kill you directly , and the game is over.

If you answer the first 3 questions in a good direction, and come to the last question, he will ask you: “If your mother is a murderer, should she be punished?”, if you answered yes, He ‘ll invite you into the room to rest and then tell you don’t worry about your mom, he’ll get her done, meaning kill mom, and the game will be over here. To advance the plot, you’d better choose not to punish your mother.

Ending 3 :

If you do not trigger the above endings, then you can safely deliver 9 meals, and the last ending will appear when the last meal is delivered.

When you go back and forth to the 7th floor, after giving the meal to the beautiful woman who started taking a bath , the woman will say that she wants to ask her mother about cooking skills, she will call her to communicate with her mother, and during the conversation, you will find the 7th floor This woman is dad ‘s lover, and the little boy’s dad is made into meals. This woman will go mad when she finds out the truth. She goes to the room with a kitchen knife and chases you to kill you. You have to do your best to run to your own Home, don’t let her catch it. When you get home, your mother will block the gate with a knife and praise you as her pride, and let you go back to the room to sleep. She also needs to deal with some “leftovers”, and the game is over here. .

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